Tuesday, May 24, 2016

First 5- Q & A for First Time Forester Parents

What are things that you could learn on the fly, but we would rather help you!

Q: On August 11th, Move-in Day, will my son move into their permanent dorm room?

A: YES! we will have a 3 hour block for you to help you move your son into his dorm and have lunch on your own.

Q: Where do parents stay when they come to Lake Forest?

A: Almost exclusively, our parents will stay at the Hotel Indigo, in Vernon Hills. It is a tradition unlike any other! They have a weekday rate of $119 and a Weekend (including Friday) rate of $89. This is located in the heart of restaurants, shopping, and anything else you would need. This is also where the Chicago Bears house their rookies during the season. We have blocks set aside for the 10th and 11th for our report day. Additionally, we have booked a block of rooms for Homecoming. Last year, we were shut out of the hotel. I would encourage you to book Homecoming rooms (October 7th/8th) now! Make sure that you ask for our room block!

Q: Are there any traditions I should know about?

A: This could be it's own blog entry. A few of the larger traditions on game day:
1. The Forester Walk- Our team is lead by a bag pipe player throughout our campus and has three different stops where they perform different chants/songs.
2. Pregame Parent Tailgate: this one is just for you as parents. Enjoy fellowship with a number of parents from across the country. We have our own lot, and it fills up fast!
3. Our touchdown song is a dance remix of Johnny Cash's Country Boy. This song started about six years ago, and has become a part of our "lives" as Foresters! This is a get up and dance (hand wave) song!
Click on this link to sample the noise of a post game TD! COUNTRY BOY

4. Post Game Tailgate- After our home games, our players and their parents get together in the tailgate lot for dinner. There is always a theme that is magnificently organized by the Gridiron Gang! Feel free to jump in and help, bring your favorite dessert, or find other ways to be a part of an extremely festive get together.

Q: Who are important people to know at games that aren't coaches?

A: Derek Lambert: The PA Voice of the Foresters

Jackie Slaats: Athletic Director

President Steve Schutt (SK-UTT)- President of the College, and HUGE Forester Fan!

Brian Bruha- Director of Athletic Facilities- He does a LOT to help get our Tailgate area set up, cleaned up, and rolling in the morning.

Andrew Rauen- Strength and Conditioning Coach and Asst. Director of Athletic Facilities- not only does he put our guys through workouts year round, he assists Bruha with getting the tailgate area going.

Mike Gilboe- Head Athletic Trainer- Gilboe takes care of our guys when they are hurt, regardless of the severity of the injury. Gilboe has a cult following throughout the Forester family!

Q: What are some restaurants in the area I should go to:

1. The Lantern. A Lake Forest legend. Classic burger and fried food tavern. Best beer in Lake Forest.
2. Buffo's Pizza, Highwood. One of the best Italian Beefs on the North Shore.
3. Ferentino's Pizza, the BEST deep dish in Lake County. Hands down. Their eggplant panini is pretty darn good too!
4. The Mean Wiener, Highwood- though their hot dogs are good, their Wednesday Taco Special is a hit among all Foresters.
5. Big Ed's BBQ (Waukegan), Real Urban BBQ (Highland Park/Lincolnshire) the two places that battle for the best BBQ in the area.
6. Pizza Deville, Libertyville. Owned by a LFC Alum. He has specialty pizzas and salads. I recommend the Pride of the Yankees.

Check back in June for Five more Questions and Answers!