Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 More Tips For First Time Forester Families!

Five More Tips For First Time Forester Parents:

1. Can my son have a microwave/refrigerator/ other appliances?

Your son can have a refrigerator. However, no other appliances are allowed in the dormitories. The only acceptable "microwave" appliance must be a micro fridge which can be found on our school website. You may want to check over the "what to bring/what not to bring" list that the College provides here: WHAT TO BRING TO LFC

The Coach Cat Top 5 Items to Bring:
1. A Door Stop-- lots of dorm life happens in the hallways, breezeways, etc. Have a "clean way" to keep your door open so people don't knock over the awkwardly placed garbage can.

2. Hand Sanitizer/Disinfectant wipes-- have in your dorm room. College campuses are breeding grounds for "sick" things. Wiping off video game controllers, etc are important.

3. A planner. If you aren't good about putting appointments into your phone yet, you will be. Until then, have a planner you can write on. Sometimes the "visual" of how busy your week or day is, or isn't, will help you with time management.

4. Paper Towels -- spills will happen!

5. Tech equipment-- bare minimums-- have your phone in a safe case. College students drop, knock off, and find other ways to destroy phones no matter how careful they are. Bring extra charging cords, and PLEASE back up your phone on your laptop, or on the cloud. If you don't know how to, learn. (you can youtube this!)

2. Teach your son how to access Google Drive, or Dropbox. They need to have a file "backup" for their computer. Too many students don't back up their work and then lose it!

3. Never underestimate the value of a care package from Mom. Send it in the mail, even if you saw your son on Saturday.

4.Encourage your son to join a club on campus that is not "athletic based."

5. Don't stress out about "one bad grade." There is a major adjustment going on. There is time to recover. Encourage your son to meet with their professors and use the academic resources on campus. It is important to be supportive adn not compund the stress that your son is "feeling."