Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forester Football Team Meets with "The Ghost"

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the Lake Forest College Football Team, had the opportunity to meet a "Ghost" in Meyer Auditorium in Hotckiss Hall. This ghost, was not the typical super natural being, that is unless you are talking about super natural football players. Dave Casper, a member of the National Football League Hall of Fame, and a former two-time All-American at Notre Dame, came and spoke to the team at the request of Head Coach Jim Catanzaro.

Casper, in addition to being named the tight-end for the NFL's all decade team for the 1970's, has gone on to have a successful business career with Northwestern Mutual, after his playing career.

Dave focused on having a business like attitude on the football field and the practice field. He told the players that simplicity in the approach and hard work can lead to great success. His mantra quote of Lou Holtz to "Show up, suit up, and shut up," was one that struck a particulary cord with some players.

In regards to Casper coming to speak with the team, Sophomore Luke Butts said,"Not only was Mr. Casper funny, but he was blunt and direct about some of the knowledge he was passing on to us. I thought this was a great thing for our team. I think his philosophy on life related to how he played football. He had a very business-like attitude towards every aspect of football, and you can see why he is successful after football."

Coach Catanzaro, commenting on Dave's appearance on campus said,"This was a tremendous opportunity for our players to learn from someone who has been in their shoes before, and is where many of them want to be. Dave's success both on the field and off can serve as an example and inspiration for our players. I am greatful for Dave's willingness to come and speak to our team, especially since it was his birthday."