Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Foresters continue Winner's Manual Speakers

NFL/NBA Agent Rick Smith and Alumnus Tom Carr '70 Headline the second week of camp! 

The Forester football team continues to meet some of the worlds "Most interesting men," during their annual Winner's Manual Speaker Series.

The Foresters were able to meet Rick Smith, a managing partner at Priority Sports Management ( Friday afternoon. Rick, an NFL and NBA agent who's team represents over 100 of the sports worlds biggest names, gave a very interesting perspective to the players.

Rick emphasized his appreciation for the experience that football was providing our team members. The life lessons that are being learned and the intrinsic motivation that our players demonstrate were highlighted several times to the players.

"I'm a little jaded, because I see many individuals dealing with a selfish and entitled mindset at the higher levels, you guys don't represent that. You are the definition of student-athletes," commented Smith.

"I appreciated the honesty that he approached us with. He didn't sugar coat anything," said sophomore Austin Van Meter.

Smith used several examples of how players at the higher levels sometimes make mistakes, and why character is the most important trait that he and his team look for. Rick also gave examples of who was the "best" he had ever been associated with, the answer was Jake Delhomme, the former quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

"He had everything. He was a playmaker. When fundamentals broke down, he still found a way to make plays. He was also the perfect teammate. It was never about him. His teammates would do anything for him, and they had complete and absolute faith in him," commented Smith.

Other topics that Smith spoke about were the characteristics that they look for in athletes, the need to be a balanced person, feeling disappointed in a $16 million guaranteed contract,  and going head to head with Jay-Z on a prospective client.

"I'll never do that again," said Smith of the latter.

The Foresters followed up the Smith talk by spending time with "one of their own." Tom Carr '70, a two-time team MVP during his playing career, spoke to the team on Saturday. Carr, a graduate of the Physics program at LFC, continued his education in Physics at the University of Chicago, before earning his doctorate in Cognitive Developmental Psychology.

Carr, who currently serves as a professor of Cognitive Development and Psychology at Michigan State, admitted to being nervous speaking to a football team.

"This is quite different than being in a classroom. I look at you, and I see me. Forester Football players," said Carr.

Having been a Forester, Tom was able to share stories of days gone by in Forester Football. His relationship with his teammates and the memories that he has, resonated well with the current Foresters as they make similar memories. It was Tom's reflections on his relationship with Coach Dau that may have hit most deeply with the Foresters.

"This man, made me a MAN," professed Carr.

"You could tell the respect that Dr. Carr had for Coach Dau, and his appreciation for him," said Senior Jordan Cruz.

"That is why many of us coach, I can only hope that our players feel that way about us as coaches when they come back in thirty years, if not sooner," commented Head Coach Jim Catanzaro.

Carr also spoke to the players about the importance of making connections throughout their college experience, while taking advantage of rigorous academics.

"I've always tried to do something that was hard. Whether I succeeded, I grew from the undertaking," stressed Carr.

The Foresters will continue their Winner's Manual speakers throughout the season.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Foresters soaking in their big "ice bath."

As is a Forester tradition, the team used its natural resource, Lake Michigan, for their morning soak and ice bath.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Casey Urlacher '03 Meets the Team

One of the most prolific defensive players in Midwest Conference history spent the afternoon with his alma mater's current team yesterday. Casey Urlacher a two-time All-American, and the 2002 Midwest Conference Defensive Player of the Year, spent the afternoon talking to the team about his experience both during his time at Lake Forest, and after.

Urlacher before his
senior season. 
"Each year, we bring in several alumni to speak to our team during camp in a more formal setting. I'm glad that Casey was able to join us. He spoke from the heart, and when he left, I heard from several of our players that they felt both challenged and encouraged at the same time. I can't ask for anything more than that," said Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro.

Urlacher, who will be inducted into the Lake Forest College Athletic Hall of Fame at Homecoming this year, was recently elected to serve as the Mayor of Mettawa, Illinois. Urlacher offered great insight to the team about how important it is to keep in touch with people that you meet in college. Urlacher is the only Forester to be in the top 10 all-time in career statistics on both sides of the football. He remains second in tackles and tenth in rushing touchdowns. Urlacher did all of this while only playing three seasons at Lake Forest after transferring.

Some of the highlighted points of Mayor Urlacher's speech to the Foresters included:

  • Cherish the time you have in college, and do not rush through it. 
  • Rely on the other 95 guys in the locker room if you are homesick or need something, they will have your back. 
  • Get involved in your community both on and off campus. 
  • Get out and meet people on campus. Form relationships on campus and keep in touch with them. He cited his continued relationship with Professor Tuttle. 
  • He encouraged the younger players to trust the leadership that is place, both coaches and players. They have been through it, and can help give you tips. 
  • Mentioned how close that he still is with teammates. Several of whom coached current players while they were in high school. 
Urlacher during his recent successful
campaign to become the Mayor of Mettawa. 
"I think that Casey's willingness to share about the areas of struggle that he had in college (homesickness, etc) and the adversity that he and his teammates overcame will serve as a great lesson for our players as they begin the 2013 season, it is great to have alums that care this much about Lake Forest College and our football program," concluded Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lake Forest Football Embracing More Than X's and O's During Camp

The Lake Forest College Football team has only been in their preseason camp for four days and three practices as of noon today, but the players have been going non-stop from 6:30am each morning. In addition to the on field activities, the players have had meetings, film sessions, walk throughs, and several community engagements.

"I want to make sure that our players know that they are part of a bigger community. It is really easy to forget that there is more out there during camp. We joked on Sunday morning that not a single coach knew what day it was. I am sure that many of the players felt the same way," said Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro.

The Foresters have embarked on two off-campus excursions since being back on campus. On Sunday evening, they took off for dinner off-campus, and their annual #TheHunt Twitter scavenger hunt. The event allows the teams' Leadership Board Groups to go and complete 10 of the prescribed 18 tasks throughout Central Lake County. A sampling of the different activities include: Going to a local sporting goods store and trying on equipment, eating dinner at a local (non-chain) restaurant, taking a team picture at a local landmark, etc. The teams are provided meal money, and then allowed to spend time with their teammates in a "non-football" environment. As the teams complete each event, they take a picture, and send it out over the social media site with specific hashtags.

"Twitter was buzzing last night with our hashtag. At one point we were trending locally as the top hashtag, I thought that was pretty impressive. Additionally, the number of places that saw our players, and the number of fans, alums, and faculty that followed and interacted with out guys was truly impressive," noted Catanzaro.

Former Team Captain Sal Perales '12, tweeted: 

"My timeline is blowing up with man I miss that event. Good times"

Kyra Vidas- sister of George Vidas '16, tweeted:

"You know its football season when the Foresters are on #thehunt"

Marvin Preston- father of John Preston '15, tweeted:

as a parent 1000 miles away, very little is funnier than watching the tweets during the scavenger hunt!

Associate Dean of Students Carolyn Golz, tweeted:
"Follow the Lake Forest football team as they go on a scavenger hunt throughout the area .” Love this tradition!"

Current first-year Forester Brendan Lawler, tweeted:
That scavenger hunt for was so much fun and I had a blast! Can't wait to do it again next year!

(L-R) Mike Letizia '16, Anthony Hunt '17, Daniel Harris '17, Mike Hilliard '16
 help fight hunger by packing food at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. 

On Monday morning, the Foresters took additional time off from meetings to go in the community and do service projects at various locations. The Foresters sent forty players to the Northern Illinois Food Bank and packaged over 12,000lbs of food for the needy. Additional Foresters were dispatched to Forrestal Elementary and North Chicago High School to do needed tasks for the start of the school year. Other teams appeared at CROYA and did some facility painting, while a final group was at the Boys and Girls Club of Lake County helping with some pre-school year clean up.

"It didn't matter how big or small the job was, I was just glad we could help," said Senior linebacker Bryce Jones, who's group was at the Boys and Girls Club.
Members of the Forester Football Team helping
 at the Boys and Girls Club of Lake County

Senior Paul Daizovi works on landscaping at Forrestal Elementary
 School to help welcome a new group of students next week.  

"I was really excited to see how our guys performed in these activities. I had never seen them in this type of environment since I came here. I was really proud of what I saw. I know that our players felt good about what they did today," observed new Offensive Coordinator Mike Arthur.

"The best part about this, is that we not only gave back to the community, but we showed our guys how great our surrounding areas is. The other thing that we were able to show them, is that there is great balance in playing football at LFC. In addition to doing all these great things throughout Lake County, we had a three hour practice, and two film sessions today as well. You can do a lot as a Forester as long as you plan it out," concluded Coach Catanzaro.

Offensive Line Preview- 2013

The Forester Football team will be looking to replace many of their offensive skill position players in 2013, it is on the offensive line, where experience will be at a surplus. The Foresters return four starters from last seasons team, as well as two other individuals who started multiple games for the Black and Red in 2012.

Leading the pace for the Foresters will be 2012 Honorable Mention ALL-MWC selection, Center Tommy Mitchell. Mitchell, who was selected by his peers as a team captain last off-season has started the past 28 games for the Foresters. Mitchell, who makes a number of the offensive line blocking calls, has been a stabilizing force for the offensive line.
Former Marist High School Teammates 75- Tommy Mitchell
and #63 Bryan Feltman return in 2013 after starting
10 games each in 2012. 

Also returning to start for the Foresters is Mitchell's former high school teammate, Bryan Feltman. Feltman started all 10 games for the Foresters in 2012. The pair combined to help lead Marist High School to the 8A state championship game in high school, and have now helped lead the Foresters to a MWC Championship. Lining up next to Feltman in 2013 will be fellow junior Philip Rindom. Rindom started eight games for the Foresters in 2012.

"I am extremely confident with the left side of our offensive line. I know that Tommy will out us in the right position to be successful on the field. He is a fiery competitor, however, he is a calming influence in the huddle. Bryan is, quite possibly, the best all-around offensive lineman that we have on our team. He is strong, technically sound, and fights with great tenacity on every given play. We are a much different offensive line unit depending on how Bryan is playing emotionally. Our guys truly feed off of him. Phil was one of the most improved players last season, and is the epitome of a 'gamer.' He worked tirelessly this offseason, including spending the summer in Lake Forest, in order to continue to improve his craft. I am excited about the gains that he made in the weight room, and am confident that it will make him an even better football player moving forward," said Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro.
Junior Philip Rindom returns after starting
8 games at tackle for the Foresters in 2012. 

Senior Paul Daizovi looks to claim one of the starting
 positions on the right side of the offensive line in 2013. 

The right side of the offensive line saw several returning players make significant contributions during the season. Junior Bob Pennell started seven games at right guard for the Foresters, while Senior Paul Daizovi started three. Sophomore Bryan Donahue started the first two games of the season for the Foresters before an injury kept him out of action for several weeks in 2012.

Junior Bob Pennell driving his legs on a
 run block vs. Illinois College in 2012. 
"The best part about the right side personnel is their versatility. I see three individuals that can play tackle or guard for us this season. They have the ability to create a competitive atmosphere with each other. I feel that this will be a great benefit to our program. We will have the opportunity to go with the 'hot hand' in a give week to give us our best opportunity. Paul is coming back for his senior year, I know that he wants to take over one of the spots permanently. He had a tough off-season coming off of multiple surgeries. I fully expect him to be rewarded for his hard work and dedication. Bob, is the guy who has truly shown me a few surprises thus far. Bob has been able to be a starter for us without 'working' to his full capabilities. I think he took the challenge to own the position, instead of compete for it, to heart. He has come back in better shape, is stronger, and is showing great effort so far. I am excited about the fact that Bob could command the tackle position after starting at guard in 2012. Bryan has great versatility. Though he started at tackle for a few games in 2012, he really shined this spring at guard. I think that he will have the ability to win one of the two spots if he puts his mind to it. This side of the line has great size, each guys is over 6'3 and over 265lbs. I am excited to watch them compete this fall," noted Catanzaro.

Sophomore Bryan Donahue started two games in his injury
plagued freshman year for the Foresters. 

Sophomore Cole Gilham is the only other returner for the Foresters. Cole was a transfer in 2012, and had off-season knee surgery, that he is completely recovered from.

"Cole is vital as our back up center to help our program move forward. I wish he would have had spring ball to become more comfortable in our system, but it was important for him to have his surgery early so that he could fully recover for the season," noted Catanzaro.

The Foresters welcome eight first-year offensive lineman to the program.

"We have a LARGE class this year. We have two tackles that are as big as anyone in the league. Having a 6'7 340lb and a 6'4 330lb freshman gives us a lot to work with. We added several players from winning programs and several players who earned all-conference honors their senior year. I am very excited about these guys," explained Catanzaro.

The incoming offensive lineman are:
Offensive Tackles:
Jordon McCue (6'4 330) from St. Thomas Aquinas, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Steven O'Neal (6'7 340) from South Broward High School, Hollywood, FL
William Danner (6'2 285) from Wauconda High School, Wauconda, IL
Martin Shine (6'1 245) from Taft High School, Chicago, IL

Josh Jones (6' 265) from Zion Benton High School, Zion, IL
Mike Caulfield (6'1 265) from Brother Rice High School, Chicago, IL
Connor O'Brien (5'9 210) from Notre Dame Prep, Scottsdale, AZ

Nick Behrens (6'3 270) from Woodstock High School, Woodstock, IL

Friday, August 16, 2013

Linebackers Preview- 2013

The Forester Linebackers will be a strength in 2013. All four starters from the 2012 MWC Conference Championship team, as do the 3 of the top 4 backups from 2013. Lead by a superb senior class of five linebackers, the Foresters will look to carry-on the tradition of outstanding backers in the Forest.

Spearheading the group will be returning 1st Team All-MWC selection Jordan Cruz. Cruz was named a team captain by his teammates following the 2012 season, and has accounted for 199 tackles, 17 TFL's, and 3 Ints during his career. Joining Cruz at the inside backer position is Junior John Preston. The Sanbornton, NH native was second on the team in tackles in 2012, and has recorded 121 tackles, 11 TFLs, and 3 Forced Fumbles despite spending the majority of his freshman year on the offensive side of the ball. Though the duo started all ten games in 2012, Senior Clint Stibbard and Sophomore Austin Van Meter will be pushing for more reps this season after seeing time in 2012 that was split between defense and special teams. The duo boasts 20 combined tackles and 1 sack.

Jordan Cruz #44 and John Preston #13

"I feel great about our interior backers. The top four guys have proven that they can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league and be successful. They have increased their football savvy each year, and are keenly aware of what they need to work on each week in practice. They are an extremely motivated group of players. These are guys that you have to saw 'Whoa' not 'Giddyup' to," expressed their position coach and Head Coach Jim Catanzaro.
John Preston takes down a St. Norbert ball carrier.

"What is even better about this position is that we have some tremendous depth in our younger classes. I see several guys that have the potential to be All-Conference before their career is over. Some of these guys just need a chance. Hopefully, they will have that opportunity throughout the season. They can really make themselves standout by being great special teams players, and competing hard against our offensive unit in practice," noted Catanzaro.

The young inside linebackers include Sophomores Mike Letizia, Luke Capone, and Sonny Valcin. Freshman inside backers include multi-time state champion Joe Nitti (Montini Catholic), transfer Patrick Boyle, and Daniel Harris who was coached by Forester alumnus Nick Hildreth at Willowbrook High School.

John Dillon puts down a Cornell Quarterback
on one of his six sacks in 2012. 
At the outside linebacker position the Foresters bring back a tandem of players that are used to playing on the other side of the line of scrimmage. Second Team All-MWC selection John Dillon returns for his senior season after posting 11 tackles for a loss and six sacks among his 54 tackles in 2012. Opposite Dillon is fellow Arizona native Bryce Jones. Jones has started at three different positions for the Foresters in his career before settling in as an eight game starter at outside linebacker in 2012. Jones finished the season with 51 tackles, 4 TFLs, 2 Sacks, and he forced two takeaways (1 Int. and 1 Forced Fumble.) Clipping at the heals of the returning starters will be fellow Senior Jake Julius. The St. Louis native missed his freshman year due to an injury, but has recovered to be a relentless pass rusher for the Foresters. With added weight, it is expected that Julius will make a push to be an every down player.

"The returning seniors at outside linebacker, as a unit, are probably the best that I have coached at LFC. They have a unique blend of size and speed that is not common in the MWC. I know exactly what I am going to get from each of these guys on a given plan, and their understanding of our playbook is near perfection. Additionally, the intensity and focus that these guys bring is top shelf. I am confident that as they continue to make even greater strides that their production will continue increase as well," commented Catanzaro.

Bryce Jones get full extension against a
 Cornell blocker in 2012
A younger group of outside linebackers waiting in the wings include Sophomores Dariusz Balcizek, Andy Rice, and Sean Chapman. Chapman and Rice missed their freshman years with injuries suffered in camp. Incoming first-year outside linebackers include Illinois natives Wes Grigaitis, Ryan Bullock, Josh Klumack, and Joey Velasquez. Additionally, Indiana native Jack Sommer, will be entering the Outside backer race as well.

"We have several young outside linebackers that will benefit from the tutelage of our older guys. You are also looking at seven guys who have a full four years of eligibility remaining. Velasquez and Chapman were both first team all-conference guys, and team MVP's during their senior years. Rice played at one of the top programs in Arizona, Grigaitis' team went to the state semi-finals and forced 41 turnovers on defense last year. There are a LOT of reasons to be excited about this young group of linebackers," observed Catanzaro.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Defensive Back Preview- 2013

Lake Forest brings back nine defensive starters back. However, it is at the safety position where the Foresters have to fill both openings. Looking to fill that void will be a group of juniors and sophomores who have figured prominently for the Foresters on special teams the last two seasons. 

Junior Joey Kropp and Sophomore Pat Clark return with the most in-game experience as both saw time in 2012. Clark accumulated 20 tackles and 1 interception in 2012. Kropp has appeared in every varsity game since arriving at Lake Forest. Spending his freshman year on the offensive side of the ball as a wide receiver, Kropp has worked diligently to master the safety position. Juniors Ryan Brown and Christian Silvestri both transferred to Lake Forest at the start of the 2012 season and look to be compete for the starting positions. 
Joey Kropp in action as a Punt Returner vs. Cornell in 2012

"Pat has the most experience on the field thus far and has shown to be a very productive player when he is given a chance. I expect a lot from him this year. Joey has one of the highest football IQ's on the team, and he is never in the wrong place. He has shown a special knack in the passing game, and we just need to see his run support match up with that. Ryan had a big learning curve last fall, but showed us a lot of good things on special teams, and he had a much improved spring ball period," noted Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro. "Christian was injured in camp last year, so we didn't have a great opportunity to see what he could do. As a former high school assistant coach, he has a great knowledge to draw upon, because he sees things like the coaches do. This is a great asset," Catanzaro continued. 

Newcomers to the Forester program at safety include sophomore Nana Yaw Larbi-Tieku, and freshman Blake Waller. Waller was a 1st Team All-Conference selection for the Oak Forest (IL) Bengals. 

"Nana joined us in the spring and made some great strides. His rugby background is helping him make the transition to football quicker than I expected. Blake is a talented player that we are very high on as a coaching staff. His ability to learn the playbook quickly will determine how fast he contributes on Saturdays," observed Catanzaro. 

A position that the Foresters bring back a wealth of experience is cornerback. Paced by three seniors corners who have started over forty starts combined. Eddie Dobernig, a 2012 1st team All-MWC selection, and Nick Waters return after starting all ten games in 2012. The pair combined for 84 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, 4 interceptions, and 11 pass break ups. Boosting the cornerback group will be the return of senior Darrius McKay. McKay started eight games for the Foresters his first two season on campus, but missed the 2012 season with a season ending knee injury. McKay has 44 tackles and 3 interceptions for his career. 
Senior Eddie Dobernig with an interception return
against Cornell College in 2012. 

"This is a position of real strength for us. There are three all-conference level performers at this position.  It will be hard to keep any of theses individuals off of the field. Eddie is a true lock down corner. He has demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that it is dangerous to throw in his direction. Nick was one of the biggest reasons for our success in 2012. The improvement that he made from his sophomore year gave us a big play corner opposite of Eddie. His consistency was the thing that stood out the most to me," noted Catanzaro. 
Nick Waters makes an INT and returns it for 
a TD vs. Grinnell.

"Having Darrius back allows us a lot of flexibility. He has the ability to line up as a nickel back, he can blitz, and he is probably our best man to man defender. I was very pleased to see how fast Darrius had recovered from his surgery this past spring. I look forward to seeing him back in pads," said Catanzaro. 

Joining the returning corners will be sophomore transfer Chris Rantis (UW-Whitewater/Lake Zurich High School) and sophomore new-comer Giang Nyguen. 

"Chris was a very productive safety in high school. I think he has a lot of potential at cornerback. He teamed with his brother Mike (Forester WR) to help form one of the fastest track relay teams in the state of Illinois his senior year. Giang played at Wyoming Seminary Prep in high school, but wasn't sure college football was in his plans. After taking the Fall off, he joined the team in the spring. Giang has experienced a quick learning curve and has shown great tenacity in attacking each drill during the spring," observed Catanzaro. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Defensive Line Preview- 2013

Fifth Year Senior Jake Rotkvich returns to
 lead the Forester Defensive lineman in 2013. 

The defensive line returns all three starters from last year and also brings back the top backups at each spot.  Led by 2012 team captain and 1st Team All-Conference selection, Sr. Jake Rotkvich, the DL looks to further improve on an extremely successful 2012.  The experienced group accounted for 121 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 23.5 tfls, 1 int, and 6 pbrs.  Joining Rotkvich are fellow seniors Michael Garetto-Balmer (2nd Team All-Conference selection), Taylor Holzmeyer, and Victor Gabuardi. Sophomore Kyle Sands looks to make a major impact after learning the position during his freshman season. 
Michael Garetto-Balmer recovers a fumble
against Illinois College in 2012. 

"Having two all-conference defensive lineman back is a tremendous feeling. We know we are rock solid on the edges. Additionally, the wealth of experience that we have is tremendous. Taylor is a 13 game starter. Having Jake back for and extra season due to a medical redshirt his freshman year is a great surprise. The leadership that we receive from these guys is incredible. Garetto-Balmer is the perfect example of a student-athlete. He's a three time All-MWC Academic Selection, and now an All-conference performer on the field. Vic has a great ability in rushing the passer, and with a better understanding of our defense after transferring in last season, should be able to contribute in a bigger way," noted Coach Catanzaro. "Kyle Sands has some of the best natural ability, and has the biggest size of our returning defensive ends. His ability to drop down to a three-technique should be something that we can take advantage of this year as well." 

Taylor Holzmeyer preparing to make a play in 2012. 

The noseguard position will be anchored by junior, Ramel Samuel. Ramel started seven games for the Foresters in 2012 after moving over from defensive end. The 6'4 265lb, Arizona native had an impressive spring session.  Sophomore Mike Hilliard returns as a backup nose guard for the Foresters.

"We have two experienced noseguards coming back. "Ram" had one of the greatest improvements in the spring. He has completely grasped the skills needed to be successful as an interior defensive lineman. I am really excited to see what he does this season," said Catanzaro. 
Noseguard Ramel Samuel cleans up a ball carrier in 2012. 

Catanzaro continued,"Mike gave us a tremendous game against Ripon in week 9. If he can give us spurts of performance like that with consistency, then he will be a viable options for us in the middle. He needs to have had a great summer so that his endurance catches up with his ability."

The Foresters' were able to bring in a big, both literally and figuratively, class at defensive line. There are a total of seven freshman lineman, and they average 6'1 260lbs. There are also three defensive ends in this group that are over 6'4. The incoming freshman defensive ends are: Dylan Ernst (Lincoln-Southeast, NE) Connor Kirkpatrick (Prairie Ridge, IL), Keegan McKenna (Lakes Community HS, IL), Reid Martin (Lake Oswego, OR), and Brendan Power (Oak Forest HS, IL).

The incoming defensive tackles are: Nick Nusbaumer (Springfield Catholic, MO) and Nick Plazewski (St. Edwards, IL). 

"I have very high expectations for this group of players. Though they may not see a significant amount of playing time their first year, I feel that this is a group that can be a rock foundation for our team moving forward. Our defensive line position will get hit by graduation, significantly this year. These players need to learn from the upperclassmen, and I believe that they can give us a seamless transition next season," observed Catanzaro. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 WR Preview

The Lake Forest receiving corps is one of the youngest segments on the team and is loaded with potential. Senior Mike Peters is the lone upper classmen in the group. Peters will look to build off of his 27 receptions for 275 yards and 1 TD that he has for career stats. It will be as a mentor that the New York native,  may make his biggest impact on the receivers. 
Peters makes a grab against Grinnell College in 2012
"Mike demonstrates a tremendous work ethic. he is the type of person and player, that has made our program better since he arrived on campus. I have great confidence that he can be our number one receiver in 2013. The only thing that has held him back thus far in his career is his health. With the off-season that he had in the weight room, I know that he has done everything he can to make his body fend off any injuries," noted Coach Catanzaro. 
In addition to Peters, the Foresters return several other receivers who look to make a bigger impact on the team while moving into their sophomore season. Former All-State Track and Field athlete Mike Rantis started five games for the Foresters in 2013. Rantis found touches as a receiver, as a rusher, and as a returner for the Foresters during his freshman campaign. George Vidas from local Taft High School, put on nearly 20lbs of muscle during the 2012-13 off-season, and looks to use this new found size to continue to win battles for the football. 
"With George and Mike both, we had a chance to see a little bit of what they could do last year. I am excited about the work that they did in the off-season, and I look forward to them taking on a bigger role this year. I know that they have worked hard to develop chemistry with our quarterbacks, and I am confident that they will have big numbers this year, our passing game depends on their development," said Catanzaro. 
Pushing to move up the depth chart for the Foresters will be Sophomores Joe Gutmann, Joey Mailloux, and Anthoney Prestley. Prestley made the move from quarterback to wide receiver in 2012, and left an impression his head coach. 
"Anthoney is one of the guys that as a member of the scout team, would give our defensive players fits. He caught the ball in stride and beat a few all-conference players in practice on several occasions. Gutmann quite possibly has the best hands on the team, and Mailloux is our biggest target at wide receiver. Both guys had one thing to work on this off-season, the need to be faster. If they have accomplished that this summer, then there is no reason to expect them not to succeed on the field for us," continued Catanzaro. 
Incoming freshmen Zach Kelvington and Garland Gay enter fall camp looking to compete for playing time at their respective positions. Gay, a product of Chicago's Whitney Young High School, and Kevlington a California native bring athleticism and depth to a position that is wide open for competition.