Sunday, February 27, 2011



The Sports and Recreation Center and the Alumni Fieldhouse Ice Rink were full of intense competition this afternoon. The Forester Football Leadership Board teams competed in day #1 of their first ever "Heat of Fusion." After some intense 3 on 3 basketball, broomball, ice soccer, and volleyball games, the standings after day #1 are as follows.

1st place 80pts
The Lakers (Perales)
Boomers (Flynn)
Red Devils (Munoz)

4th place 60pts
Sir Bartemus (Davis)

5th place 45pts
Gold Coasters (Butts)
Jaybirds (Burke)

7th place 10pts
Lumberjacks (Clady-Mason)

Competitions continue through Wednesday amongst the leadership board teams.


The Forester Football Team begins is first ever "Heat of Fusion" contest today. The team, broken down into its leadership board groups, will compete against each other in a number of athletic events, including volleyball, basketball, broomball, among the activities.

The concept of "HEAT OF FUSION" applies to a chemistry principle of melting a solid into a liquid. In many ways, this idea, is applicable to the current time of year for the Foresters.

By coming together, the Foresters will generate an awful lot of heat, sweat, and continue to gel and flow together as the prepare for their non-traditional season after spring break.

Updates of the Heat of Fusion contests will be posted this evening on this blog.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gold Coasters Earn Leadership Board Bonus Points

The Gold Coasters Leadership Board team earned a 25 point bonus by performing a community service event as a team. The Gold Coasters were acitve participants and volunteers that the NCAA/Lake Forest College National Girls and Women in Sports Day that was held in conjunction with the LFC vs. Grinnell College Basketball games.

Associate Athletic Director Portia Lowe commented
,"The players from the football team were outstanding facilitators and leaders of their groups. The girls that participated in the event, really enjoyed getting to interact with "REAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYERS."

Among other things, the players assisted in running the relay races, basketball skills development, soccer skills, and in the trivia contest. Many of the players stayed and sat with the girls during the women's basketball game.

The Lake Forest College Football Team Leadership Board competition is a semester long activity. Each semester, the team votes on leaders who they feel best represent the interests of their program. The leaders then draft players to their teams. The teams earn points through various activities throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, both a team and individual award are given. These awards are presented at the end of the semester, and are honored on a plaque in the Halas Hall meeting room. The leadership board teams are named after former Lake Forest College Mascots or traditional references to the athletic teams. Scores are updated throughout the semester on our blog site.

Spring of 2010 Winners: Mike Nelson '12 (Individual) Gold Coasters-led by Luke Butts (Team)

Fall of 2010 Winners: Chris Lang '11 (Individual) Lumberjacks- led by Steve Yena (Team)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Forester Football Alumni Event Announced!!

The Forester Football team, in conjunction with the Lake Forest College Athletic Department will be inviting all of their alums back for a Spring Alumni Challenge Day on Saturday, April 16th.

The day will feature alumni games for the football, volleyball, men's and women's soccer, and the volleyball program.

For our football alums, this will include the traditional 7 on 7 flag football game, as well as a skills competition. In the skills competition, the alums will be paired up with a current Forester football player and compete in a pentatholon of football specific challenges in order to win prizes.

In addition to the games, there will be a luncheon to go along with the event. More details will be coming via email soon.