Friday, August 31, 2012

Season preview/ camp review

Check out the 2012 Lake Forest College Preseason Preview and Training Camp Review!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PLAYER CARD #1 - Jordan Cruz

Bill Lowry '84 Holds Court with the Foresters!

On Tuesday, August 21, the Lake Forest football team was introduced to Bill Lowry COMPANY BIOGRAPHY, a member of the Charter Trustees for the College, and a Managing Shareholder at Nyhan, Bambrick, Kinzie & Lowry P.C.

Lowry an alum of Lake Forest College’s class of 1984, was named one of Chicago’s Super Lawyers,  in 2010 and has repeated each year since.

Lowry’s appearance before the team was a crucial addition the Winner’s Manual Speakers Series; the series, which coincides with a 280+ page manual described by Coach Cat as a “lifeline when off the field.”

Lowry introduced himself with anecdotes that were personally relatable to the players from his time at Lake Forest College.

"You [LFC Football Players] embody all that is special about the student/athlete experience. An experience rooted in education in the classroom and learning outside of the classroom. And what better way is there to learn about yourself and others than through athletics."

Many of the players seemed to be siting up and shaking their heads in unison to show understanding and support of Lowry’s statements. When asking different players a few days later, many of them seemed to remember Lowry talking about the players aside from their gameplay which touched many of the players to know that someone recognized them beyond their jersey numbers.

“He [Lowry] said we [Lake Forest College Football] displayed leadership qualities on a daily basis on the field”—said one junior.

Sophomore John Preston commented, “He was the best speaker we have had. He was intense, and passionate about Lake Forest, and that was awesome to see.”

“I was pumped to hear from an alum who still sees our school and program as something special, just like those of us that are still involved,” said freshman Luke Capone.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Forester Football - A quick minute with Austin Sobey!

This video is the first in a series of quick "1 Minute" interviews with your Foresters! Kicking off our interviews is Senior WR Austin Sobey.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Foresters Scrimmage- Head Off Campus & Visit the Largest Ice Bath in Illinois!

It has been a busy 24 hours for the Foresters. They had their first true live scrimmage action on Saturday as they put together almost 70 plays of live action. The Foresters then took a "break" for the evening as they participated in the annual "Lake County Twitter Scavenge  Hunt and Dinner."

"I want the guys to know what is available to them outside the gates of Lake Forest College. As an institution, I think that we do a tremendous job highlighting the opportunities that downtown Chicago has to offer, but it is in the suburbs around us that our players can find all the resources they need. One of the main things we do, is to go out to eat as a leadership board group at a non-chain restaurant. This allows them to find restaurants with food they like, as well as find places to take their families when they come to town," said Coach Catanzaro."The second component, is we want to show them the power of social media. Our players "tweeted" pictures of the other activities of the scavenger hunt, we were "retweeted" by Dick's Sporting Goods (who has 54,000+ followers), Associate Dean of Students Carolyn Golz (1,000+ followers), among others. Some people fear Social Media, we try to educate our guys on how to use it positively, and we understand that there is a learning curve"

After a "break" from camp, the Foresters had a bright and early wake up as they took the annual walk down to the Lake Forest Beach and took advantage of nature while using Lake Michigan as a giant ice bath.

"That made my legs feel great," said sophomore Mike Peters.

Freshman Kyle Sands, "This was like Wisconsin in May!"

The Foresters returned to Halas Hall for a film viewing of Saturday's scrimmage, before going to breakfast, and returning to Farwell Field for their first practice of double-day.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bowling with the Boys

After an exhaustive week of camp, Coach Cat surprised the players with the announcement of a trip off-campus to a local bowling alley. The team was broken down into each of the leadership groups,  playing as individuals when bowling, but ultimately as a team for a winning score. Round 1 of play entailed the average game of bowling. However, Round 2 amped up the stakes and challenged players to show a funnier side. Bowling backwards, between their legs, granny style, and daringly, with eyes closed. At the end of the night the scores were totaled for both games, crowning two victors. In round 1, Team Gold Coaster won by a landslide of 606 combined points. In round 2, Team Red Devils managed to swing a score of 395. To top off the night, the boys were treated to unlimited pizza and beverages throughout the night at the bowling alley.  See the "SHOT OF THE NIGHT" by JR. Bryce Jones, through the legs of SO. Bob Pennell for a strike!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fred Mitchell- Winner's Manual Speaker

Fred Mitchell, a former college football All-American, and renowned sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune, made his return to Halas Hall last evening to speak to the 2012 Lake Forest College Football Team. Mitchell a winner of the “Jim Murray Award” in 2000 and the “Bill Gleason Award” in 2009, was the Tribune's "beat writer" for the Chicago Bears during their time at Halas Hall. He reflected briefly on some of his interactions with Walter Payton, Mike Ditka, and Mike Singletary in the same room, which he was now addressing the Foresters.

 In addition to his achievements in writing, Mitchell is well known for his accomplishments in track, baseball, and football. At Wittenberg University, Mitchell was named All-American, set the NCAA College Division record for career kick scoring, and was inducted in Wittenberg’s Hall of Fame in 1995. Furthermore, in 2010, Mitchell was inducted into the Coaches Hall of Fame for Chicago Public League Basketball.

Mitchell reminisced as he talked to the players about the nostalgia of the sport. “You will never forget how you felt at a certain game, in a specific play with your teammates.” Mitchell then went on to stress the importance of playing college football, honoring it as a “privilege on every level.” The point that really seemed to send a message to the boys was this: “Everyone can handle success, but it’s how you handle failures. That’s what makes the difference on the field and in life.”

One aspect thing that caught a couple of players specifically, was when Mitchell discussed the recent issues at Penn State, relating it to a player whom he had met two months ago. He spoke about the necessity of protecting the legacy and the tradition that you are a part of. For the Penn State players, that is irreparably tarnished. They can never be the "SAME" Penn State. It is the responsibility of those of us in this room to make sure that LAKE FOREST is protected.

Soon after Mitchell was done speaking to the team, he took to TWITTER, and posted: "I enjoyed addressing the Lake Forest College football team this evening. Great group of men. Thanks for the invite, coach Jim Catanzaro."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Winner's Manual Speakers Begin at Forester Camp-- Dr. Michael Orr


Since Coach Catanzaro took over the reigns as the head football coach at Lake Forest, he has instituted a Winner's Manual for his players. Coach Cat described The Manual as a "resource for life. It is a playbook for the 21 hours a day that aren't focused on football."

The Manual addresses a number of topics from the "Pursuit of Excellence," "Handling Adversity," "Developing an Attitude of Gratitude," etc. Coach Cat received the idea for this when visiting Ohio State a decade ago.

"They were using this, and the players were really interested in their meetings. We have changed our format, and included some different aspects to our Winner's Manual. Conceptually we are very similar, but we go about achieving some of the goals differently. We invite speakers to come and talk to the players about different topics. At OSU, they predominately used coaches and former and current players." said Coach Catanzaro.

The players had their first Winner's Manual Meeting Tuesday morning where the manual was introduced to the first year players. The Foresters then followed up the day with their first speaker of the 2012 season.


Dr. Michael Orr (LFC Faculty Bio ), the Krebs Provost and Dean of the Faculty. Dr. Orr, in addition to his academic pursuits, has competed internationally in crew, as well as being a successful Ironman Triathlete, as well as competitive cyclist.

Dr. Orr, a first time Winner's Manual speaker, spoke to the players about "Six Commonalities of Success" that apply to both academic and athletic endeavors.

The points Dr. Orr spoke to were:
1. You must be in the pursuit of excellence.
2. You must be wholly dedicated and committed.
3. You must be passionate.
4. You must set internal personal performance goals, and then reach them.
5. You must be accountable to your preparation.
6. You must learn to deal with the pressure of high stakes performance.

Dr. Orr was able to relate some of his academic and athletic experiences to provide a recognizable correlation for the Foresters.

"It was fantastic to have someone who appreciates both the academic and athletic efforts that our players are putting in. I am extremely appreciative of Dr. Orr's willingness to come and spend time with your guys. For our first-year players, I hope that this sends a strong message from our coaching staff on how important our academic endeavors are. We are hoping to be undefeated in the classroom and on the field," commented Coach Catanzaro.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Football's Back in the Forest

Sunday, August 12 was a big day in the Forester community, as the football team reported for their 130th season. Additional cause for excitement this year is the largest incoming class of first-year players, with fifty new players. Throughout the day, players became acquainted with one another and their new home. The players began rigorous conditioning prior to beginning a practice that concentrated on their position groups. Many of the players have already demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the team by arriving in shape and ready to perform. After a long day of moving, practicing, and meetings, the players finished off the day with a BBQ with a number of alumni, as well as the Watter’s family. If yesterdays efforts are any indication of what is to come, the Foresters are bound to “Deserve Victory.”

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Question #10

Q: Coach, there are some great traditions at LFC, what is your favorite?

A: There are two really big ones. First is our Forester Walk on game days. It truly has become a special part of the day. Especially as we get to the dorms on South Campus, and prepare to go through the parent tailgate area.

The second one is when we go to Lake Michigan in the morning. Seeing the sunrise over our players in the water is truly a special sight.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Question 9

Q: Give us a top 10 list of songs you must listen to during training camp?
From Facebook messenger

A: This might be my favorite question of the series! music is such a big part of my life. When we have our "on the board" sessions with the players, we try to add music to the meeting and we "pick songs" for each guy-- and it provides some levity to the long camp days.

1. Pastor Troy- Wanna be a baller.
Reminds me of my senior year of college. We probably played that song twenty times a day in the locker room.

2. Guns and Roses: Welcome to the Jungle

3. Kenny Chesney: Boys of Fall

4. Wu-tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M.

5. Pillar: Throw Down

6. Disturbed: Down with the Sickness

7. Metallica: Enter Sandman

8. Bill Conti (rocky theme): Gonna Fly Now.

9. Led Zeppelin: Black Dog

10. Mumford and Sons, Jeremy Camp, and Old Crow Medicine Show- all songs when watching film late at night.

Countdown to Camp 2012- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Question #8

What's your favorite part of training camp?

A: First and foremost is the "Christmas Day experience" when everyone arrives and is together. We get to see all the hardworking in recruiting pay off. It's fun to do the "eye test" to see who has been working out.

My second favorite part is the team meals. We don't always get to eat together during the school year because of class schedules and such. Having your family at the dinner table, busting chops, and telling stories are always fun. There is a great environment of inclusion in our team. It doesn't matter where you are from or what your background, you are part of our family.

The final thing that is special about camp is the stuff that goes on off the field together. The social activities, the community service day, the winners manual activities, our trip to the beach, whatever else happens, I just enjoy getting to see new relationships come together and watching our team become one.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Question #7

Q: What coaching staff changes have taken place from last year to this year?

A: We have had several coaching changes, but the "core" group of our coaches has remained the same. On the defensive side of the ball, we have added two coaches, Bryan McNulty and Nick Nikolich.

I have known Bryan for five years, while he was an assistant coach, and Head JV coach at Warren Township High School. Bryan was the DuPage Valley Conference Defensive Player of the Year both his Junior and Senior year, while captaining the Naperville Central team. Bryan was named first team all-state by both the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Champaign News-Gazette. After graduation, Bryan continued his playing career first at the College of DuPage where he was named the team MVP and all-conference before accepting a full scholarship to attend Northern Michigan where he became the teams starting linebacker. Coach McNulty will take over the safeties as Coach Parker will be coaching the Cornerbacks this upcoming season.

Coach Nikolich joined our staff during the spring, and brings an impressive football resume with him to our coaching staff. Coach Nikolich is a graduate of Libertyville High School where he was an all-area and all-conference player while starring at linebacker while captaining the 2004 7A State Championship team. Coach Nikolich was also named Academic All-State. After graduating from Libertyville, Coach Nikolich attended Illinois Wesleyan University. While at IWU, Coach Nikolich was named 2nd team All-American, as well as the 2009 Don Larsen CCIW Defensive Player of the Year. Coach Nikolich captained the 2009 team, which won the CCIW Conference Championship.

On the offensive side of the ball, Coach Mike Hansen, who served as our Corners coach in 2011 will move over and coach the Tight Ends, as we lost Coach Angulo from the spring semester to a full-time coaching position at Trinity International University.

We also lost Coach Dan Carter '10, as his new work schedule will not allow him to attend our practices. We are fortunate to have been able to replace Coach Carter with Chris Noble. Coach Noble, a native of Quincy, MA, is one of the most prolific passers in prep history in Massachusetts, still sitting in the top ten in many statistical categories. Coach Noble then attended the University of New Hampshire as well as Plymouth State, before moving the greater Chicago-land working with Allstate. Coach Noble has spent the past decade coaching at local high schools, including Lakes Community as well as a seven year stint at Vernon Hills High School. Coach Noble brings a wealth of experience, as well as extensive scouting experience to our program. I couldn't be more excited about what he brings to the table.

Additionally, Mike Pease, a local lawyer, will be joining the staff as a quality control coach, who will work with a number of our game day preparation and recruiting programs. Mike has a tremendous talent for analytics and his attention to detail is impeccable. I am looking forward to working with Mike as he begins his coaching career.

Countdown to Camp 2012- 10 Questions for Coach Cat

Question #6

Q: What are five things, you as a coach, HAVE to have in order to "get through" camp?

-- from Twitter

A. This is an easy question, because I did all of my camp "shopping" last weekend. First and foremost is a new whistle. It sounds funny, but I "chew" my whistles, so by the time the season is over, the plastic starts to splinter on them. Each year, I buy at least two, and start every season out with a fresh one. The main requirement is that it has to be a Fox 40 Whistle. They are simply the best ones out there, ask any player who has stood next to me when I blow the whistle.

Second, Caribou Coffee, in all forms. Whether I go to Caribou in the morning for a Large Carmel High Rise- Moose It (they are thinking of renaming this the Coach Cat Special), or if it is the Keurig Cups in my office, three to four cups of coffee a day is pretty standard even when it is 90+ degrees outside.

Third, Gold Bond Powder--- or as Gilboe and I like to call it, Buffer Zone. This is something that every football player/coach uses during camp.

Fourth, my camp binder. I have a binder that is set up just for our pre-season camp. It has schedules, offensive and defensive install notes, play books, practice plans, etc. If it happens in our training camp, I have it in that binder. The binder has started to get too big to carry around, but it is always at least on my desk, or the table in my office for quick reference.

Fifth, Reefs Sandals! After a long hot practice on the turf, it is time to give my feet a chance to relax, and one of my seven pairs (yes, overkill I know) of Reefs go on my feet as soon as I get to the locker room. It is my hope that Reefs will one day become the official footwear of Lake Forest College Football and our coaching staff!

Thanks for a great question! I am looking forward to having our players get back on Sunday.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012-- 10 Questions for Coach Cat

Question #5

A question from our Twitter account - LFC_Football

Q: Watching you and the team last year, it's apparent you guys are striving to get to the next level and are all working hard. What can we as parents and family do to assist you getting there?

A: Thanks for noticing the improvement and efforts of our team. I am willing to stack up our effort and work ethic versus any team in the country. There are a few specific ways that parents and family can help our program.

First, support our players regardless of the outcome of the game. Our players should never be judged by their family members based on the outcome of the game, or how much playing time they receive. Make sure that they know they are loved. Sounds simple, but it is one of the most important things family and friends can do for them.

Second, support your son and the team in their efforts that have nothing to do with our on field efforts. You may or may not know that our players are involved in a lot of things off the field that impact our community. Encourage them as they take part, and find ways to support them and ask them about their efforts. Things like Relay For Life, Trick or Treat for the Troops, etc, are great ways to bring attention to the positives of their participation on our team.

Third, join our F.A.N. (Foresters Athletic Network) Club. This is our booster club. You can find information about the F.A.N. Club here: F.A.N. CLUB WEBSITE The F.A.N. Club will provide you with email updates, special receptions at games, free admission to ALL Lake Forest College Athletic events, as well as special discounts on Forester gear! The F.A.N. Club goes above and beyond to help our program in a number of areas- New Video Equipment, Uniforms, Field Equipment, and other items that do not fit into our annual budget.

Fourth, spread the word about Lake Forest College Football and the great experiences that your son is having to those who live near you. We have players from over 20 states, and it is critical that our reputation continue to be sent out to future potential recruits.

Fifth, be active in our Gridiron Gang, our parent group. Our parent group requires no dues, and is strictly an information providing group. Our parents provide the best post-game tailgate for our players at home and away games. Having Gatorade, burgers, and fellowship with other parents and players after the game is a truly special part of our program. At home games, showing up early and cheering our guys on as they come through the parent tailgate area during our Forester Walk is a way to give your sons a great boost as they go into Halas Hall and get ready for their game.

Finally, attend games and CHEER LOUDLY FOR THE FORESTERS! We want to support our team, without tearing down our opponents. If our parents cheer positively, it is amazing how it helps support our team to a higher level. When they boo the officials or negatively cheer against our opponents, it provides a negative atmosphere for our players.

Parents and family members play a HUGE role in our program, your contributions are immeasurable. Thank-you for all you have done and all that you will continue to do.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012-- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Question #4

Q: Last season, three players participated in the 2011 All-American Bowl in Minneapolis, MN, how will you replace Kevin Davis on offense, as well as Luke Butts and Kenny Clady-Mason on defense?

A: Those guys made a huge impact for us last season, and throughout your career. The records that Kevin set, may never be broken, and Luke appears on the top 10 all-time in Tackles and Interceptions. What you don't see in those number is the leadership that they gave in the weight room, on special teams, and in making on field adjustments for our team.

Positionally, I expect senior Rocky Al-Mutawa to step up and replace Kevin at WR. Rocky has had a strong off-season and is looking to become a bigger part of our offense. Austin Sobey, who started opposite of Kevin, and broke the school record for touchdown receptions will likely be our leading receiver in terms of receptions, but Rocky provides us the big play ability. He has great top end speed and will give us a strong vertical threat. By serving as a back up the last two years, Rocky has learned all three wide receiver positions and has the ability to align in different positions just like Kevin did last year.

On defense, we have a great group of defensive lineman who will be looking to replace Kenny. Junior Michael Garetto-Balmer has been a part-time starter over the last few years, and I believe is ready for a breakout season. He was favored to be a starter last year before a foot injury slowed his progress down. In addition, sophomore Ramel Samuel, had a great off-season and with a spring ball of maturation, he looks ready to have a breakout season this year.

In my opinion, Luke Butts will be the hardest to replace. On the field, Luke made a lot of our adjustments on the field, and was a great communicator to the coaches of what was taking place on the field. This is why I am thrilled that he has decided to follow his passion and get into the coaching field.

Aidan Price returns at the one safety spot, his knowledge of our defense is very strong, and I am hopeful that he will become more vocal in Luke's absence. Additionally, Dominick Campagna, who was a part-time starter will be returning this season. Senior Mike Dotson had a tremendous spring, and if he can stay injury-free he will do a lot of great things.

From an on-field adjustment standpoint, I am expecting to see more of the adjustments made by our linebacker Jordan Cruz, John Preston, and Bryce Jones have expressed a desire to be more controlling of the defense on the field, and I am excited they have shown this desire. I am hopeful that during camp they will demonstrate the necessary characteristics for this exchange to take place.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012-- 10 Questions with Coach Cat


Q: What special events are planned for the 2012 season?

A: Our first home game, September 8th, is a very special day for us. It will be the 2nd anniversary of the death of Benny Watters. Along with Benny's family, we will be hosting our second annual Benny Watters Community Day, where we invite members of the larger Lake Forest Community to come to our game. We will also pay special recognition to the Friends of Jaclyn Organization that brought Benny and the Foresters together. Lawrence, who we play that day is also a member of the FOJ family, and their adopted brother, Luke, will be at the game.

On September 22nd, we will have a double-whammy day. It is our annual Hero's Day where we honor members of the military, police, fire, and EMT services in Lake County. We will be holding our annual donations for our Trick or Treat for the Troops program as always with this day. In addition to the Hero's Day, we will be honoring some of the heroes of LFC Football's past, as we honor the 10 year anniversary of the 2002 MWC Conference Championship Team.

The October 6th game against Illinois College is the traditional homecoming game. I am always excited for the alums that come back for that. The crowd that we have for that game makes it a truly special environment.

There are "no plans" for the game on October 20th, when we host Cornell College and welcome them in their return to the MWC.

On October 27th, we will be honoring our seniors and parents. This is always a great day as we take a moment to thank the seniors for their contributions to the team and campus community. It is always a special moment when our players get to say thank-you to their parents as well. Our parents are wonderful and provide a tremendous amount of support for our players throughout not just the season, but their entire lives.

I'm extremely excited about the events that we have planned, and I am confident that we will have a great turnout, and provide lots of exciting football at Farwell Field.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012-- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Q: what area from last year do you want to see the team improve on the most this season?

A: The consistency with which we execute is the thing I want to see your team improve the most.

I am confident that if you ask our players that when we watch film in the spring, there was no doubt that we showed flashes of greatness. The problem was that greatness inparticular on the defensive side of the ball was very inconsistent.

A lot of times we watch film and see nine or 10 guys doing exactly what they're supposed to do. Unfortunately, it's that one or two guys who didn't do what they're supposed to do that cause our defense to get exploited

If our execution becomes more consistent, the results of those close games turns in our favor. With an additional year of maturity, I feel that this goal is definitely within our reach.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012-- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Q:"Coach Cat, you graduated 11 seniors last year, including All-American Kevin Davis, three time all-conference pick Luke Butts, and All-American Bowl participant Kenny Clady-Mason, who will be the hardest to replace?"

A:"That's a great question. KD provided us with great big play capabilities last season, and his contribution on special teams was second to none. Luke was the verbal captain of our defense for three years, and was like having a coach on the field. With both of those two guys, we will miss alot, but I feel that we already have players on campus who have been learning from them, or playing next to them, that will be solid replacements. The biggest replacement question, isn't necessarily one individual player, but we graduated four of our starters on the offensive line.

In my opinion, that is going to be the biggest challenge coming into the season. The nice part is, we have several players returning who have game experience, or who have worked extremely hard in this off-season to set themselves apart from the competition. Junior Tommy Mitchell will be returning as the lone starter on the line. Fortunately for us, Tommy is the center, which in our offense is the most important position as they make all the calls. Regardless of who is around Tommy, if they listen to him, and do as his calls indicate, we should be in great shape.

Senior Will Savor (Cardinal Gibbons HS, Davie, FL) will be a candidate at one of the tackle spots. Will has played all three positions on the offensive line during his career and filled in last year versus Beloit (a 27-17 victory) when Ari was unavailable. Phillip Rindom (Charlottenlund, Denmark), has made great strides since arriving. I think that the fall was a bit overwhelming to him, as he made the transition from the European Level of football he had been playing in Denmark to the NCAA Division III level. Phil has worked tremendously hard in the off-season, and I am looking forward to seeing those efforts pay off.

Sophomores Bryan Feltman (Marist High School, Chicago, IL) and Bob Pennell (Spring Lake HS, Spring Lake, MI) are two candidates at the guard spot. Both players have show exciting promise and flashes of ability, but it will be necessary for them to be consistent throughout a whole practice and game so that we know what we will get from them play to play.

Junior Paul Daizovi (South Broward HS, Dania, FL) has improved greatly, and he should also compete with Pennell and Feltman at guard. If Daizovi secures a spot, either Pennell or Feltman have the ability to slide out to the tackle spot if needed.

Both Adam Bernstein (Miami-Sunset HS, Miami, FL) and Kyle Clark (De La Salle HS, Chicago, IL) had their 2011 seasons cut short by injury and should be able to help the Foresters in 2012 with their return.

A fresh crop of five talented first-year players will be joining the Foresters on the offensive line. There are a number of incoming players who have made all-conference in high school. I am excited about the depth, competition, and potential on field performance that these young men bring. They have increased our size upfront significantly. It is my hope that they will develop into a tremendously dependable and dominant offensive front.

-- This is part one of a ten part series. If you have a question for Coach Catanzaro, please send it to; or tweet it to LFC_Football