Friday, August 3, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012-- 10 Questions with Coach Cat

Q: what area from last year do you want to see the team improve on the most this season?

A: The consistency with which we execute is the thing I want to see your team improve the most.

I am confident that if you ask our players that when we watch film in the spring, there was no doubt that we showed flashes of greatness. The problem was that greatness inparticular on the defensive side of the ball was very inconsistent.

A lot of times we watch film and see nine or 10 guys doing exactly what they're supposed to do. Unfortunately, it's that one or two guys who didn't do what they're supposed to do that cause our defense to get exploited

If our execution becomes more consistent, the results of those close games turns in our favor. With an additional year of maturity, I feel that this goal is definitely within our reach.