Sunday, August 19, 2012

Foresters Scrimmage- Head Off Campus & Visit the Largest Ice Bath in Illinois!

It has been a busy 24 hours for the Foresters. They had their first true live scrimmage action on Saturday as they put together almost 70 plays of live action. The Foresters then took a "break" for the evening as they participated in the annual "Lake County Twitter Scavenge  Hunt and Dinner."

"I want the guys to know what is available to them outside the gates of Lake Forest College. As an institution, I think that we do a tremendous job highlighting the opportunities that downtown Chicago has to offer, but it is in the suburbs around us that our players can find all the resources they need. One of the main things we do, is to go out to eat as a leadership board group at a non-chain restaurant. This allows them to find restaurants with food they like, as well as find places to take their families when they come to town," said Coach Catanzaro."The second component, is we want to show them the power of social media. Our players "tweeted" pictures of the other activities of the scavenger hunt, we were "retweeted" by Dick's Sporting Goods (who has 54,000+ followers), Associate Dean of Students Carolyn Golz (1,000+ followers), among others. Some people fear Social Media, we try to educate our guys on how to use it positively, and we understand that there is a learning curve"

After a "break" from camp, the Foresters had a bright and early wake up as they took the annual walk down to the Lake Forest Beach and took advantage of nature while using Lake Michigan as a giant ice bath.

"That made my legs feel great," said sophomore Mike Peters.

Freshman Kyle Sands, "This was like Wisconsin in May!"

The Foresters returned to Halas Hall for a film viewing of Saturday's scrimmage, before going to breakfast, and returning to Farwell Field for their first practice of double-day.