Monday, August 6, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012-- 10 Questions for Coach Cat

Question #5

A question from our Twitter account - LFC_Football

Q: Watching you and the team last year, it's apparent you guys are striving to get to the next level and are all working hard. What can we as parents and family do to assist you getting there?

A: Thanks for noticing the improvement and efforts of our team. I am willing to stack up our effort and work ethic versus any team in the country. There are a few specific ways that parents and family can help our program.

First, support our players regardless of the outcome of the game. Our players should never be judged by their family members based on the outcome of the game, or how much playing time they receive. Make sure that they know they are loved. Sounds simple, but it is one of the most important things family and friends can do for them.

Second, support your son and the team in their efforts that have nothing to do with our on field efforts. You may or may not know that our players are involved in a lot of things off the field that impact our community. Encourage them as they take part, and find ways to support them and ask them about their efforts. Things like Relay For Life, Trick or Treat for the Troops, etc, are great ways to bring attention to the positives of their participation on our team.

Third, join our F.A.N. (Foresters Athletic Network) Club. This is our booster club. You can find information about the F.A.N. Club here: F.A.N. CLUB WEBSITE The F.A.N. Club will provide you with email updates, special receptions at games, free admission to ALL Lake Forest College Athletic events, as well as special discounts on Forester gear! The F.A.N. Club goes above and beyond to help our program in a number of areas- New Video Equipment, Uniforms, Field Equipment, and other items that do not fit into our annual budget.

Fourth, spread the word about Lake Forest College Football and the great experiences that your son is having to those who live near you. We have players from over 20 states, and it is critical that our reputation continue to be sent out to future potential recruits.

Fifth, be active in our Gridiron Gang, our parent group. Our parent group requires no dues, and is strictly an information providing group. Our parents provide the best post-game tailgate for our players at home and away games. Having Gatorade, burgers, and fellowship with other parents and players after the game is a truly special part of our program. At home games, showing up early and cheering our guys on as they come through the parent tailgate area during our Forester Walk is a way to give your sons a great boost as they go into Halas Hall and get ready for their game.

Finally, attend games and CHEER LOUDLY FOR THE FORESTERS! We want to support our team, without tearing down our opponents. If our parents cheer positively, it is amazing how it helps support our team to a higher level. When they boo the officials or negatively cheer against our opponents, it provides a negative atmosphere for our players.

Parents and family members play a HUGE role in our program, your contributions are immeasurable. Thank-you for all you have done and all that you will continue to do.