Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Countdown to Camp 2012- 10 Questions for Coach Cat

Question #6

Q: What are five things, you as a coach, HAVE to have in order to "get through" camp?

-- from Twitter

A. This is an easy question, because I did all of my camp "shopping" last weekend. First and foremost is a new whistle. It sounds funny, but I "chew" my whistles, so by the time the season is over, the plastic starts to splinter on them. Each year, I buy at least two, and start every season out with a fresh one. The main requirement is that it has to be a Fox 40 Whistle. They are simply the best ones out there, ask any player who has stood next to me when I blow the whistle.

Second, Caribou Coffee, in all forms. Whether I go to Caribou in the morning for a Large Carmel High Rise- Moose It (they are thinking of renaming this the Coach Cat Special), or if it is the Keurig Cups in my office, three to four cups of coffee a day is pretty standard even when it is 90+ degrees outside.

Third, Gold Bond Powder--- or as Gilboe and I like to call it, Buffer Zone. This is something that every football player/coach uses during camp.

Fourth, my camp binder. I have a binder that is set up just for our pre-season camp. It has schedules, offensive and defensive install notes, play books, practice plans, etc. If it happens in our training camp, I have it in that binder. The binder has started to get too big to carry around, but it is always at least on my desk, or the table in my office for quick reference.

Fifth, Reefs Sandals! After a long hot practice on the turf, it is time to give my feet a chance to relax, and one of my seven pairs (yes, overkill I know) of Reefs go on my feet as soon as I get to the locker room. It is my hope that Reefs will one day become the official footwear of Lake Forest College Football and our coaching staff!

Thanks for a great question! I am looking forward to having our players get back on Sunday.