Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Foresters continue Winner's Manual Speakers

NFL/NBA Agent Rick Smith and Alumnus Tom Carr '70 Headline the second week of camp! 

The Forester football team continues to meet some of the worlds "Most interesting men," during their annual Winner's Manual Speaker Series.

The Foresters were able to meet Rick Smith, a managing partner at Priority Sports Management ( Friday afternoon. Rick, an NFL and NBA agent who's team represents over 100 of the sports worlds biggest names, gave a very interesting perspective to the players.

Rick emphasized his appreciation for the experience that football was providing our team members. The life lessons that are being learned and the intrinsic motivation that our players demonstrate were highlighted several times to the players.

"I'm a little jaded, because I see many individuals dealing with a selfish and entitled mindset at the higher levels, you guys don't represent that. You are the definition of student-athletes," commented Smith.

"I appreciated the honesty that he approached us with. He didn't sugar coat anything," said sophomore Austin Van Meter.

Smith used several examples of how players at the higher levels sometimes make mistakes, and why character is the most important trait that he and his team look for. Rick also gave examples of who was the "best" he had ever been associated with, the answer was Jake Delhomme, the former quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

"He had everything. He was a playmaker. When fundamentals broke down, he still found a way to make plays. He was also the perfect teammate. It was never about him. His teammates would do anything for him, and they had complete and absolute faith in him," commented Smith.

Other topics that Smith spoke about were the characteristics that they look for in athletes, the need to be a balanced person, feeling disappointed in a $16 million guaranteed contract,  and going head to head with Jay-Z on a prospective client.

"I'll never do that again," said Smith of the latter.

The Foresters followed up the Smith talk by spending time with "one of their own." Tom Carr '70, a two-time team MVP during his playing career, spoke to the team on Saturday. Carr, a graduate of the Physics program at LFC, continued his education in Physics at the University of Chicago, before earning his doctorate in Cognitive Developmental Psychology.

Carr, who currently serves as a professor of Cognitive Development and Psychology at Michigan State, admitted to being nervous speaking to a football team.

"This is quite different than being in a classroom. I look at you, and I see me. Forester Football players," said Carr.

Having been a Forester, Tom was able to share stories of days gone by in Forester Football. His relationship with his teammates and the memories that he has, resonated well with the current Foresters as they make similar memories. It was Tom's reflections on his relationship with Coach Dau that may have hit most deeply with the Foresters.

"This man, made me a MAN," professed Carr.

"You could tell the respect that Dr. Carr had for Coach Dau, and his appreciation for him," said Senior Jordan Cruz.

"That is why many of us coach, I can only hope that our players feel that way about us as coaches when they come back in thirty years, if not sooner," commented Head Coach Jim Catanzaro.

Carr also spoke to the players about the importance of making connections throughout their college experience, while taking advantage of rigorous academics.

"I've always tried to do something that was hard. Whether I succeeded, I grew from the undertaking," stressed Carr.

The Foresters will continue their Winner's Manual speakers throughout the season.