Monday, August 19, 2013

Lake Forest Football Embracing More Than X's and O's During Camp

The Lake Forest College Football team has only been in their preseason camp for four days and three practices as of noon today, but the players have been going non-stop from 6:30am each morning. In addition to the on field activities, the players have had meetings, film sessions, walk throughs, and several community engagements.

"I want to make sure that our players know that they are part of a bigger community. It is really easy to forget that there is more out there during camp. We joked on Sunday morning that not a single coach knew what day it was. I am sure that many of the players felt the same way," said Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro.

The Foresters have embarked on two off-campus excursions since being back on campus. On Sunday evening, they took off for dinner off-campus, and their annual #TheHunt Twitter scavenger hunt. The event allows the teams' Leadership Board Groups to go and complete 10 of the prescribed 18 tasks throughout Central Lake County. A sampling of the different activities include: Going to a local sporting goods store and trying on equipment, eating dinner at a local (non-chain) restaurant, taking a team picture at a local landmark, etc. The teams are provided meal money, and then allowed to spend time with their teammates in a "non-football" environment. As the teams complete each event, they take a picture, and send it out over the social media site with specific hashtags.

"Twitter was buzzing last night with our hashtag. At one point we were trending locally as the top hashtag, I thought that was pretty impressive. Additionally, the number of places that saw our players, and the number of fans, alums, and faculty that followed and interacted with out guys was truly impressive," noted Catanzaro.

Former Team Captain Sal Perales '12, tweeted: 

"My timeline is blowing up with man I miss that event. Good times"

Kyra Vidas- sister of George Vidas '16, tweeted:

"You know its football season when the Foresters are on #thehunt"

Marvin Preston- father of John Preston '15, tweeted:

as a parent 1000 miles away, very little is funnier than watching the tweets during the scavenger hunt!

Associate Dean of Students Carolyn Golz, tweeted:
"Follow the Lake Forest football team as they go on a scavenger hunt throughout the area .” Love this tradition!"

Current first-year Forester Brendan Lawler, tweeted:
That scavenger hunt for was so much fun and I had a blast! Can't wait to do it again next year!

(L-R) Mike Letizia '16, Anthony Hunt '17, Daniel Harris '17, Mike Hilliard '16
 help fight hunger by packing food at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. 

On Monday morning, the Foresters took additional time off from meetings to go in the community and do service projects at various locations. The Foresters sent forty players to the Northern Illinois Food Bank and packaged over 12,000lbs of food for the needy. Additional Foresters were dispatched to Forrestal Elementary and North Chicago High School to do needed tasks for the start of the school year. Other teams appeared at CROYA and did some facility painting, while a final group was at the Boys and Girls Club of Lake County helping with some pre-school year clean up.

"It didn't matter how big or small the job was, I was just glad we could help," said Senior linebacker Bryce Jones, who's group was at the Boys and Girls Club.
Members of the Forester Football Team helping
 at the Boys and Girls Club of Lake County

Senior Paul Daizovi works on landscaping at Forrestal Elementary
 School to help welcome a new group of students next week.  

"I was really excited to see how our guys performed in these activities. I had never seen them in this type of environment since I came here. I was really proud of what I saw. I know that our players felt good about what they did today," observed new Offensive Coordinator Mike Arthur.

"The best part about this, is that we not only gave back to the community, but we showed our guys how great our surrounding areas is. The other thing that we were able to show them, is that there is great balance in playing football at LFC. In addition to doing all these great things throughout Lake County, we had a three hour practice, and two film sessions today as well. You can do a lot as a Forester as long as you plan it out," concluded Coach Catanzaro.