Monday, September 20, 2010

Foresters Suffer a Tough Loss on the Road

The Foresters suffered another tough loss this weekend at Illinois College. After the game on Saturday, I had a chance to catch up with Coach Cat. When asked about what he thought of the game, Coach Cat said, “We had a tough game today. Every time we started to push forward, we shot ourselves in the foot. A fumble here, an interception here, a penalty there. We just couldn’t put together a clean game.”

While the game did not end as Coach Cat and the Foresters were hoping, he did mention some positives that were seen on Saturday. He said, “On a positive note, our defense played with a lot of grit after finding themselves in some difficult field positions. They were on the field for 100 plays on Saturday. On offense, our offensive line only gave up 1 sack in 50 pass attempts.”

Coach Cat continued, saying, “I think that we, as coaches, need to focus on getting our run game to be better. We have a great tailback in senior Brock Stenberg and we need to make sure that we get him more touches. On defense, we need to get more pressure on the quarterback. To not record a sack today with the number of blitzes that we dialed up, it means that we aren’t finishing the plays up front.”

This week, the Foresters will be looking forward to a tough week of practice before they take on the Grinnell College Pioneers (2-1 overall) on Saturday. In conclusion, Coach Cat said, “I am looking forward to getting a good week of practice in before we return to Farwell Field next week against Grinnell.”

Here’s hoping that the Foresters will be able to put together all that they have been learning to finally put a W on the board. We hope to see you all at the game!

--Elise Beckman, contributing author