Thursday, November 18, 2010



Six Lake Forest College players were named to the All-Midwest Conference Teams. Senior Kicker Tim Gruzwalski and Junior Defensive Lineman Kenny Clady-Mason were named to the 2nd team. While Senior Captains Linebacker Anthony Garetto, Running Back Brock Stenberg, and Tight End Steve Yena were joined on the honorable mention list by Junior WR Kevin Davis who made the team as a Special Teams Player.

Coach Catanzaro on the awards:

"Though I am always happy when our player recieve awards of this magnitude, I can't help but think that some of the guys on this list were "underrated" by the awards. I am also surprised by a couple of omissions from the all-conference list."

"I am glad to see that the hard work that these individuals have put in to their betterment, and the performance that they had on the field has been recognized."

On the winners:

"I am thrilled that our three captains as Tim were able to complete their careers by being recognized. I think that all of those seniors are worth of any honor that comes their way. Brock finished 4th in the conference in rushing yards among running backs, and Anthony finished 7th in the conference in tackles. Steve was a player who will never have the stats to back up his successes because of what we ask him to do in our offensive scheme. One of the things that stands out about Steve is that though he didn't catch a lot of passes, almost all of his catches were for either first downs or touchdowns. The coaches in the league must have noticed this as well, as this is his third all-conference honor. Beyond the statistics these three guys were just tremendously consistent players throughout the year and their career.

Kenny really had a coming out year this year. He took over a position that had been manned by seniors throughout the last few years, and he really stepped up as a junior. He was ranked 7th in sacks, and 11th in Tackle's for a loss. I am looking for him to continue to build upon the foundation that he has laid."

On the ommissions:

"I'd rather not comment on that."