Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic features Forester Coaches!

The 2012 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in St. Louis had a unique Forester flavor. Lake Forest College Offensive Coordinator Craig Kerr kicked off the clinic with a presentation on the Route Conversions within the Forester Passing Game. Head Coach Jim Catanzaro presented on "Communicating Game-plans Among Your Coaching Staff." This was Coach Kerr's first COTY presentation, while Coach Catanzaro was speaking at his fourth COTY clinic.

"It is a tremendous opportunity for us to speak in front of high school coaches whom we see extensively while recruiting. Being down here continues to foster our relationships with them, and encourages them to reach out to us to talk football, not just recruiting," said Coach Catanzaro.

"Coach Kerr did a tremendous job, it was one of the best clinic speeches that I have seen in a while. He did a great job representing our program, and it is clear that his teaching of our offense has a lot to do with the success that we had this past season," commented Catanzaro. "Being on the defensive side of the ball, I don't always have the opportunity to see Coach teach the intricacies of the offense. I know that there were a number of high school coaches who commented to me how "sharp" our Offensive Coordinator is."

Coaches Catanzaro and Kerr joined fellow presenters such as Chris Peterson (Head Coach- Boise State), Jeff Tedford (Head Coach- California), Joker Phillips (Head Coach- Kentucky), Jimbo Fisher (Head Coach-Florida State University) among others at the annual St. Louis Event.