Thursday, October 3, 2013

Players of the Week- Knox Game

The Forester Coaches named their players of the week for the Knox game on Monday. They are:

Offensive Player of the Week: Tight End, Greg Alonso (SR)- 3 catches 22 yards, and a TD. Alonso also had a great day  blocking according to the coaching staff.

Defensive Player of the Week: Defensive End, Michael Garetto-Balmer (SR)- 6 Tackles, 3 TFLS, 1 Sack. Garetto-Balmer was in the opponents backfield the entire day, disrupting both run and pass plays.

Special Teams Player of the Week: Running Back, Charlie Quinn (FR)- 1 Tackle as a punt gunner, and he downed a Jonathan Gurchak punt on the 2 yard line.

Scout Team Player of the Week: Running Back, Sam Mulford (FR)- Mulford provided a great look for the Foresters, playing the role of Knox's all-conference running back.

Lineman of the Week: Right Tackle, Bob Pennell (JR)- Bob had his most consistent game, and graded out over 85% on the day.