Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cool happenings in Mexico


Today is easily my favorite day of the trip with Team Stars and Stripes. We ventured to a poor part of Monterrey and spent the afternoon with some elementary school children. The team was broken up into two groups. The first group worked hard to paint a wall that will become a mural, as well as concrete picnic tables and other areas that had been painted in graffiti. In the other group, out guys were attempting, though not quite successfully (significant language barrier) to learn some of American Football rules. The guys were able to get a few games of passing the ball in a circle and keep away going, but that was as close as we got to football. Our team came with lots of give-aways, shirts, shorts, hats, water bottles, etc. 

I was extremely proud of our Foresters. We preach civic responsibility throughout our program, and to see these guys continue to perform on a global stage was awesome for me. 

Here are a few pictures of our guys volunteering: 
Eddie Dobernig playing catch with some of the students. 
Nick Waters and Greg Alonso painting a table. 
Jake Rotkvich and John Dillon giving autographs. 

Jordan Cruz (Right Standing) painting an arts and crafts sink. 
Jake Rotkvich having a 1 on 1  talk with one of the students. 

Members of the team helping organize keep away-- Eddie Dobernig and Michael Garetto-Balmer are in the back.