Thursday, April 10, 2014

Relay for Life Recap

It was a great evening on Friday, April 4th, as the Lake Forest College community gathered together to celebrate life, and raise funds to fight cancer. In partnership with the American Cancer Society, the Forester community raised over $41,000 to fight cancer. Of that amount, the Forester Football team, and their supporters raised $11,385 to fight cancer.

See the time-lapse video for Relay below:

"It was inspiring to see our players rise to the occasion. Though there were some big gifts, it was more of people all "chipping" in. This is a very meaningful event for the Forester family, and it is one that I am proud our guys rally around," said Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro.

Members of the Forester football team continued to walk throughout the evening, and several Foresters were "up all night" in support of the evenings programming.

Members of the Forester Football team take
the final lap of Relay for Life

Luminaries in the hockey arena at Relay for Life

Thank you to all who supported the school's efforts. 

Several Foresters Tweeted throughout the night about their experiences... 
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Last night at was one of the best times I've ever had at Lake Forest College. Thank you

Life is like an ember, flickering as if it could die out any moment, but also resilient, refusing to disappear.

Alums chimed in as well:

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    Shout out the the forester football boys at relay

    1. Late shout out to for coming out with some alumni support last night at Relay. Great to see you!!
    2. great to be at one of my favorite events at LFC!