Thursday, August 21, 2014

#TheHunt 2014

#TheHunt, and annual Lake Forest Football Tradition took place on August 20th throughout Lake County. In an effort to help our non-local football players "find out" what is around our campus, the team takes off after there first double day for a social activity within their leadership board groups.

"We wanted to combine a few things. First, we want to show them restaurants that are not chain food. We have so many in the local area that support our athletic department, and I want to have our guys go there and say thank-you. Additionally, when there parents come to games we want them to know where they can go to eat for good food," said Coach Jim Catanzaro.

The Forester team ended up at the following restaurants throughout the night eating: Taco's El Norte (Vernon Hills), Tom and Eddie's (Highland Park), The Graffiti Grill (Lake Bluff), the Silo (Lake Bluff), Portillo's (Vernon Hills), Real Urban BBQ (Highland Park), among others. Though getting out to eat is a big part of the team bonding, there is also an educational component in the Head Coach's mind.

"We teach them the positive side of social media. How they can use it to "make their brand," we have numerous people associated with the program, that follow #TheHunt throughout the evening. The number of retweets, favorites, and general mentions of the event are powerful. Our players must make smart choices on social media, but this also allows them to see how to highlight positive things, and take advantage of Twitter's expansive reach," closed Coach Catanzaro.

Below are some of the highlighted tweets from the evening: