Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Brannon adopted by LFC Football through Team Impact

Taken from an email written to the Gridiron Gang, from Dan Plutchak

Many were wondering Saturday about No. 19 who ran out on the field with the Foresters.

Here's the background from Coach Cat. Be sure to click on the link for the video below:

Brannon is 9 years old and from Glenview, IL.

He has joined the team through a partnership with a group called Team Impact, whose goal is improving the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the "Power of Team."  More: TEAM IMPACT

Brannon was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer in August of 2014.

He had brain surgery in August of 2014 followed by 31 days of radiation that ended in October of 2014. He took a month off and then did 6 months of aggressive chemo.

Two weeks ago his MRI came back clear and he is in remission but dealing with the effects of treatment.

It has impacted his weight, hearing, and walking. It's hard for him to walk independently, so he uses orthotics and works with a physical therapist. He is going to get hearing aids soon as well.

It's hard for him to see his friends playing sports when he can't. He has to watch, and even he will try to keep up but later will always say it's too hard and it used to be so much easier.

He still manages to always see the positive and always says "on the bright side...". Many people have told his mom how much of an inspiration he is.

He used a tutor for his school work and will be able to move onto the 4th grade next year.

She hopes this experience will lift his spirits.

When you see Brannon and his family, welcome them to the Gridiron Gang.