Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

The holiday season is in our rear-view mirror, and the road a head is full of adventure. Please forgive the car-ride reference as I have spent 38 hours in a car over the last twelve days visiting family in different parts of the country.

While on the road, I had the opportunity to think a lot about Lake Forest College Football, our program where it is, and where it is heading. As I reflected back on this past season, my first as a head coach, I was able to come up wtih a number of bright spots. You will see in the poll at the top of the blog is a survey of the four individual plays that stood out the most to me. One of the great things is that three of the most memorable plays were made by underclassmen who will be coming back to play for us next year!

Additionally, I found myself proud about how we performed in attaining a positive reputation in not only our campus community, but in the Lake County/Northern Illinois Community. There is no doubt that our team was the more "noticeable" this year than in the recent past. I am excited to say that we were involved in a number of important community service initiatives (each of which will have a blog update dedicated to it in the near future).

Academically, we had the largest number of Academic-All Midwest Conference selections in school history.

Our foundation is strong, and as the New Year begins, I am excited about what 2010 has in store for the Foresters.