Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lake Forest College to the Big Ten????

Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Lake Forest College among list of schools to join Big Ten Conference

Imagine this time next year the Foresters are in Happy Valley, preparing for their Big Ten Conference opener vs. the Nittany Lions. Joe Paterno on one sideline in his PSU jacket, white shirt, and black tie. On the other sideline, "Coach Cat", in his suit, black and red tie. We might have the best dressed coach in the game, but the Nittany Lions may have a bit of a talent advantage. Now, back to reality.

Apparently one Ohio newspaper doesn't see this idea as being to far-fetched. It seems to be a yearly debate whether the Big Ten Conference should or would even consider expanding and adding a 12th school. One sports writer recently released his list of ten unusual suspects to join the Big Ten Conference. You may also find an interesting Forester fact after reading his article below.

This would rekindle a long awaited rivalry with Northwestern University, who the Foresters were once 5-0 over a five season span at the turn of the century. The Foresters in their history have played half of the teams in the current Big Ten conference, including the University of Illinois, Indiana University, Michigan, Michigan State, and the University of Wisconsin. Though the Foresters' have not played a Big Ten School since 1926, a 0-0 tie vs. Michigan State.

Toledo Blade Article