Thursday, January 6, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles..... literally

The period around New Year's is one of the most busy travel periods in the United States. With the holiday's, bowl games, college spring semesters, among the contributing factors, this is also a big travel time for the coaches at Lake Forest.

Starting on January 3rd, Coach Kerr and Coach Catanzaro have been traveling, literally by trains, planes, and automobiles (plus by foot, light rail, metra, etc).

We started our journey, on the Metra from Lake Forest, to Chicago to meet other coaches and admissions counselors to catch the Amtrak train to St. Louis. In St. Louis, LFC Football alumnus Jack Carruthers hosted the annual connecting communities event at the Missouri Athletic Club in downtown St. Louis. Over 60 alums, current students, prospective students and their families had a great evening. Many of our football recruits enjoyed their opportunities to find out more about LFC. Their interaction with the coaches, current players, and alums has proven to be a valuable experience in their decision making process.

The following morning, we hopped on a plane from St. Louis to Phoenix, Arizona. Today, we are having an Arizona event, similar to the St. Louis one, at the home BJ and Kim Ungvarsky, the parents of Brock #34. Currently, there are over 75 people signed up to come to this event. After a a great recruiting class from Arizona last year, we hope that this will help continue to build our Southwestern recruiting pipeline.

Tomorrow, the coaches will be heading to Dallas for the Dallas connecting communities event and the annual American Football Coaches Association Convention. It provides us an opportunity to speak to a number of coaches, both collegiate and high school about recruiting, playbook wrinkles, new techniques, equipment, drills, and other pertinent information.

We will then fly from Dallas back to Chicago and help or players begin their spring semester. One of which we have great excitement for, and can't wait to get started.