Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forester Spring Football

The Lake Forest College football team will begin their NCAA Non-Traditional Season on Sunday at 1pm. Here is a preview of things that will be seen in the spring season.

"I am excited to get the guys out on the field with a football. I know that they have had a great off-season in the new Wes Dixon Weight Room in the Sports Center. Just looking at our guys, you can tell that there have been some significant transformations in their body composition. I have been impressed with the enthusiasm that our guys have shown towards everything that we have asked them to do this off-season. I know that our spring and fall will benefit from their efforts." said Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro.

On coaching staff changes:

"I think that spring ball will give Coach Kerr a chance to put his stamp on the offense. As an assistant the last two years, he had a tremendous impact on the offense, now that he is taking the reigns, I am confident that he will continue the refining process. Coach Soenksen will have an opportunity to work with the offensive lineman on the field, install his terminology, and take the leadership role with the players. I know that when I came to LFC in 2006, the hardest thing was not having
actually coached our players until August. I think that the addition of this non-traditional season will really help us in that matter. Other than that, our coaching staff will remain together."

On position battles:

"I have been clear to our players, that we are entering this mini-season with 63 players on the roster. That is the most we have ever had involved in an off-season. You have to bring your "A" game every day, and you have to be consistent. With this being a non-live/non-contact period, we won't be able to make any true depth chart adjustments, but we will get a chance to evaluate the mental growth and physical growth of our players."

On concerns:

"We will have to be cautious of the physical conditioning of some of our guys who are multi-sport athletes. A guy who plays in a rugby tournament or a lacrosse tournament on a Saturday, isn't going to have much left in his legs on a Sunday practice. We just have to be cautious and make sure that we don't have an muscle over-use injuries. Other than that, I have no concerns, I just can't wait to get onto the field."