Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Ball Begins!

Sunday afternoon marked the start of the Forester Football non-traditional season (Spring Ball). The Forester's practice was abbreviated by a lightning storm that passed through the area midway through practice.

Newly promoted offensive coordinator Craig Kerr commented,"There was a lot of energy on the field, and that was great to see. We were able to accomplish a lot, in particular with some tweaks to our run game. Our fundamental period was outstanding, you could tell that our guys had put a lot of work in during the offseason."

New addition to the coaching staff, Ted Soenksen '06, will coach the offensive line this fall. When asked about his initial impression of the Foresters on the field, Coach Soenksen had this to offer: "I am excited to see the camaraderie that the offensive line displayed. It was a great first day energy wise. We were able install some new terminology, and I am looking forward to seeing their growth this spring."

Head Coach Jim Catanzaro commenting on day one activities,"We would have liked to have gotten the full practice in, but we are thrilled to have been on the field and accomplished that which we did. We also had a great film session definsively that allowed our guys to see some consistent mistakes from last year that we hope to address this offseason.: