Monday, April 18, 2011


After a cold rainy practice that saw the Foresters go through a physical training course with the US Marine Corp. The Foresters shifted their focus to a different cause of physical activity. The 2011 Relay For Life, co-sponsored by the American Cancer Society was an amazing success.

In an all Forester-football family effort, the team went from third place at the beginning of the day Friday (having raised $5,300) to first place by 5:00pm (current total is $7,905). An amazing, heart-warming, and phenomenal push by our families, friends, and players.

"The Forester Family sent a message," said Coach Catanzaro,"Cancer Sucks, and we will want to be at the front line of the fight."

In addition to their fundraising efforts, the Foresters also raised money in other ways.

"I was sent to jail 22 times Friday night, each time, a player had to pay money to send me, and i had to "raise" the money to match to leave. The last player, Paul Daizovi, paid $20 for me to go to jail, and I had to raise an additional $20 to leave. I think that senior Chris Lang got the most bang for his buck though." commented Catanzaro.

Catanzaro was referencing the fact that Lang, won the second opportunity to "pie" Coach Cat in the auction. After Admissions Counselor Meredith Dumais spent $40 the first time, Coach Cat was asked if he would do a second time. This time the senior fullback from Michigan spent $37 in order to pie Coach Cat. All of the money went to the American Cancer Society.

In addition to sharing financially, the team also shared with the entire school one of the most emotional aspects of the evening. At the traditional lighting of the lumnaria, the members of the Benny Board, shared the story of Benny Watters and his impact on the team and our campus. While the players were talking in the pitch black ice-rink, the following video was played beside them :

The players shared about their first meeting, and their favorite memories of being with Benny. Many of the campus community we left, like the team, with tears as they made the luminaria walk. The team was thrilled to be joined by Brendan, Lisa, Bella, and Lily this year honoring Benny's interaction with the team at Relay last year, as well as all the other memories. It was a truly special event. In the one picture above, you can see Bella and Lily atop the guys shoulders.

It was a great "all-nighter" for our guys who celebrated in the spirit that Benny would have wanted them to, with video games, light saber wars, and smiles on their faces.