Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Saturday marked the First Annual Spring Alumni Challenge at Lake Forest College. The event, which served as a culmination to the "spring ball" season for the football team saw over 40 football alumnus return to Farwell Field for the festivities. Despite a cold drizzle, that intensified as the day went on, the hot fires of competition were evident everywhere on the field as a six team 7 on 7 tournament progressed.

Alums were mixed in with current players and a round-robin bracket created a great championship match of undefeated teams. In the final game, the team the consisted of alums Jay Biondo '00, Mike Fitzgerald '03, Ed Kidd '07, Mike Bratta '10, and Dan Carter '10 as well as current players Keenan Carrawell, Kenny Clady Mason, Jordan Cruz, Jake Hujar, Querrnellus Jones, Justin Novak, and Austin Tijerina won the championship convincingly.

After the tournament, alums and current players moved the festivities to the Sports and Recreation Center for a meal together. For some of the alumni, this was their first opportunity to see the new Sports Center addition, and many enjoyed touring around the facility and wondering "imagine if we had this" aloud.

A great time was had by all who attended, and we are looking forward to having everyone back here next year. *pictures will be added soon