Sunday, May 8, 2011


Saturday at Ravinia in Highland Park, IL, the 133rd Commencement of Lake Forest College took place. Once again, the Forester Football team saw 100% of all four-year letterman graduate on time. The first bachelor degree candidate to walk across the stage was senior safety David Adams of Mundelein, IL (see picture to the right). In all 19 former letter-winners walked across the stage at commencement. In addition to the players, team manager Chris Satoh and office worker Daiva Ragas both graduated as well.

"It was a tremendous opportunity to see the culmination of our players efforts over the last four years. I was honored to be a part of it, and thrilled to see our players, many of whom completed their degree either with honor, distinction, or dual degree status," said Coach Catanzaro.

Two particular graduates that deserve special mention were team captain Steve Yena (Phoenix, AZ), who is one of the initial Groner Scholars (, and was recognized as such at commencement. His roommate Chris Lang (Grosse Pointe, MI), graduated Cum Laude, and has already accepted a law school placement at the prestigious College of Law at Michigan State University.

In addition, four of our grads have accepted positions that stemmed directly from their internships. Including co-captains Anthony Garetto and Brock Stenberg who both accepted positions with Coyote Logisitics (Inc. Magazines #6 fastest growing company).

The majors displayed by the graduates included Art, Business, Chemistry, Communication, Economics, Education, English: Writing, Environmental Studies, History, and Politics.

"I am thrilled for our seniors, and I am excited for the opportunities that our players have had here at Lake Forest, and the places they are going now as they have graduated," commented Coach Catanzaro.