Monday, August 8, 2011

Camp Countdown

Q: Give us a couple of players that you are looking to step up from their previous roles this season?

A: Junior Justin Smith leads the list for us in this category. Justin will be replacing Steve Yena, who was a 40 game starter at tight end for us. Justin began to see his role expand as the season went on last year. Justin missed his freshman year with a season long injury, and really started to show some of his abilities last year as the season. He is a great blocker, and a big target in the passing game.

On the defensive side of the ball, our second safety position is one that is going to be a heated battle in fall camp. Junior Domnick Campagna, Senior Mike Nelson, and Junior Mike Dotson all bring something unique to the plate. Dom has great range as a deep safety, Nelly is a big hitter who is very aggressive, and Mike Dotson is probably the most cerebral of the three and knows our defense inside and out. All three have been hampered by various injuries thus far in their careers. I look forward to seeing them step up and compete for the starting spot alongside Luke Butts.