Friday, August 5, 2011

Countdown to Camp:

The third in a series of articles dedicated to the "questions" leading into Forester Football's 2011 season.

Q: What stands out about this years recruiting class?

A: First off, they are older than a traditional recruiting class. We have six transfers, and two players who had at least one year of post graduate play. This will help balance the youth of our team from last years big recruiting class. The second thing that stands out is this a BIG class in terms of size. We were able to bring in 10 offensive and defensive lineman. This was a huge need for us in order to develop size. Of those 10, 4 of them are transfers. Our average incoming lineman is 6'2 265lbs. This will help us a lot, as we look toward the future. We have three senior offensive lineman, and three senior defensive lineman. We needed to add some depth of experience to balance out the extremely talented second-year players that we have coming back at some of those spots.
I think the final thing that stood out about this class is their character. We have a number of individuals who are coming to Lake Forest for all the right reasons. They believe in the message that they are being told in recruiting, and when they come to campus, they find out that there is only truth in the message. They see that the players and coaches are all on the same page, and that they are getting exactly what is being discussed on the phone, or through emails. They see a tremendous opportunity at a great education, the possibility to continue their football playing career in an extremely competitive environment, and they will be a part of a football family, that truly cares about each member.