Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LFC Football Again Leads Campus Relay For Life

Friday, April 17th, served as another reminder of the Forester Football Family's commitment to extinguishing cancer. The annual campus Relay for Life event continues to be a highlight of campus activities, and a beacon of a campus working together to support the research of the American Cancer Society.

The Foresters participated in the annual relay, and were the only team to produce walkers for the entire 12 hours. The Foresters also lead the campus efforts by raising over $8,000 for the event. Senior John Preston raised the most money out of any student at Lake Forest, and personally outside all by three teams! The Foresters have raised over $50,000 since the event arrived at Lake Forest College.

The 2015 Relay For Life took time to honor Benny Watters, the Forester Football family member. Benny was adopted by the Foresters through the Friends of Jaclyn Organization and was an integral supporter and beacon of hope to the Foresters. Words cannot express the impact that Benny and his family had on the Forester Football Program, but for a glimpse, please watch this videos for a small look into the world that existed during that "too short" of a period in Forester football.

Benny's Dad, Brendan, addressed the Relay audience before the first "student" lap, and joined Coach Cat, with his wife, Lisa, daughters Bella and Lily, and son Sachin.

To kick off the evening, the Cancer Survivor Lap took place and two of our Forester Football mom's led the way. Thank you for the continued courage and inspiration that Cindy and Amalia

Throughout the night, Cindy Gurchak took some amazing photo's that are on our Facebook page, but here are some of the highlights:

In addition, there are some great videos from Cindy and other individuals.

You can see Coach Cat-- getting pied in the face for $100 by alum Sal Perales and his wife!

Lip Sync to raise funds-- Sweet Caroline

Posted by Cindy Gurchak on Saturday, April 18, 2015