Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foresters Spend Time with Another Olympian!

Foresters continue "Winner's Manual" Speaker Series!

On Monday morning the Forester Football team was joined by some members of the Lake Forest College Swim team for their "Winner's Manual" speaker. The Foresters were joined by a special guest, 2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist Chris Thompson. Chris, who won the Bronze in the 1500M, is also a former United States Record holder in the event, came and spoke to the athletes about a number of different things.

The former Michigan Wolverine spoke to the Foresters about the things that they may need to "sacrifice" in order to become elite athletes. He spoke to them about the requirements, balance, and benefits of being collegiate athletes. In addition Chris spoke about overcoming adversity. In a manner that was relatable to many of the athletes in the room, Chris spoke about his own situation in overcoming surgery on both of his elbows at the same time!

Chris spent some time talking to the Foresters speaking about goal setting, which is a topic that has been of great importance during the 2010 pre-season. Chris provided some different examples of how goals sometimes have to change when you have no control over certain situations.

Chris, left a profound impact on the players, and at the end of the morning session, the players had the opportunity to share in Chris' reward as they had the opportunity to examine his medal from Sydney.
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