Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lake County Fielders, Meet the Foresters!

Last night, the Foresters were treated to a special night off to attend a Lake County Fielders baseball game. After several emotionally and physically strenuous days of camp, the Foresters were glad to be taking some time off together. Sophomore line backer Aidan Price said, “I feel that the football team is a fraternity…. we band together like brothers. Events like this help that bond.”

Earlier in the day, the team gathered for the fall leadership board draft. Coach Cat said, “This game was particularly important because our players sat together with their leadership groups and were given time to relax away from the football field. With new groups formed today, I felt that it was important for our players to develop those bonds with their leaders.”

During the game, Coach Parker commented, “Events like this are really important to our guys because it allows them to get their minds off of football and the stresses that come along with camp, such as learning the playbook and keeping up with all of the physical activities.” Freshman Dan Cluchey had something similar to say: “This is great because we get to spend quality time with our teammates. It’s nice to be able to spend time off of the field because we spend so much of our time solely focused on football.”

Led by team captains Steve Yena ’11 and Anthony Garetto ’11, our seniors provided the best entertainment of the night as they serenaded the crowd with their rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” As they walked off the field, senior kicker Tim Gruzwalski just had one question to ask: “How did we sound?”

The Foresters were back at work this morning, as they began another long day of practice and preparation. They will close out this week meeting with academic advisors and departments, as Coach Cat works to emphasize the fact that while football is important, it is not the only thing that matters.

--Elise Beckman, contributing author

To see video of our seniors' riveting seventh inning stretch performance, click on the following link: