Sunday, August 29, 2010

Foresters Meet Isaiah Harris of the Chicago Bears!

The Foresters had their last Winner's Manual Speaker of the preseason on the first day of classes. (Thursday) The Foresters were joined by Isaiah Harris, the Director of Player Development for the Chicago Bears.

Isaiah a former All-American at St. Cloud State, and a member of the both the Vikings, and Bears organizations, has a very special role in his player development. He focuses on helping current Bears players 1. Continue their education, 2. Financial education/Money Management, 3. Career Internships for their post playing days, and 4. Player Assistance Services (helping minimize distractions off the field).

Isaiah focused our players on the "scars" of their college football experience. The memories and the journeys that they will leave college and Lake Forest with. He also discussed how the path that they are taking is a difficult one, and that they are somewhat alone on this path, other than their teammates and coaches who are sharing in this journey.

The players response to Isaiah's visit was extremely positive and energetic.