Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upperclassman Spotlight!

As the freshman Foresters have been busy with orientation programs, we thought that it was time to spotlight one of our upperclassmen!

Today, the focus is on junior offensive lineman Salvador (Sal) Perales!

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Birthday: 5/1/1990
Parents: Maria and Gerardo Perales
Planning to Major in: History

Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy
Favorite Book: The Godfather
Favorite Music Artist: Biggie
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Quote: "Impossible is Nothing"
Person You'd Most Like to Meet: Michael Jordan
Favorite MLB Team: Chicago White Sox
Favorite NFL Team: Chicago Bears

When asked what he liked most about playing football at Lake Forest College, Sal said, "The people we get to meet coming in as freshmen are amazing. The best part of being able to play football here is gaining the friends that we all do throughout the seasons, and being able to play football after high school." When I asked Sal who made him smile the most at practice, he said, "That's easy...Gruzwalski [senior kicker Tim Gruzwalski]."

Good luck this season, Sal!