Friday, August 20, 2010

The Foresters Work Towards Goals and Get Pumped for the Season!

Yesterday, the Foresters set to work on developing and recording the personal goals that they are setting for themselves this year. Coach Cat spent time with the players explaining the importance of setting goals at the beginning of the year. Coach Cat said, “Setting goals allows the players to be accountable for their actions, and to be actively working towards improving several different aspects of their lives.”

The goals that the Foresters are setting are in five distinct areas of their lives: family, spiritual growth, health and fitness, team growth and academics and career. The players are given time to think about the things that they value and want to accomplish. After their goal sheets have been completed, Coach Cat keeps copies of them in order to keep players on track and to offer personal guidance, if needed.

After working on their goal sheets, the Foresters attended the second annual pre-season pep rally in the Mohr Student Center. Our football players joined the other fall athletic teams, as well as the Forester Guides and Resident Assistants, in being welcomed to the fall athletic season. President Steve Schutt spoke, as did Athletic Director Jackie Slaats. Coach Cat also addressed the crowd, before unveiling the team’s new chant for the 2010 season.

Today, the team will be helping new students move into their residence halls. Thanks to their generosity, move-in will be much easier for all of the new Foresters!

--Elise Beckman, contributing author